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  Nov 2021 Blueberry Ice
My Dear Poet
Sitting on the side
of the eclipse
we’re hanging off it’s edge
I’m thinking of you too
dangling off your ledge
I’ll be counting
to number three
and then, I will let go
So I can catch you if you fall
if you count on me
and follow
Blueberry Ice Nov 2021
"..and hear my soul cry,
I, under the blackmoon sky,
heaven knows I trie­d.."

  Nov 2021 Blueberry Ice
your maple syrup words
the deepest green in your eyes
the points of your antlers in my thighs
the predator becoming the one who dies.
  Apr 2021 Blueberry Ice
Jiro Inagawa
Until the earth wreak havoc
And sun spits fire.
You were there clenching your teeth,
Nonetheless making it to the end.
Atlas I leave thy house
And see its last beauty.
Forget me Athena,
I resent you Aphrodite.
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021
sige lang

mag sulat ka lng
punuhin mo ng tinta,
        ng letra,
ng salita,
                ng talata,
   ng luha,
              ng saya,
  ng kabiguan ang bawat pahina..

mag sulat ka lang..

ano naman kung hindi nila magustohan ?

ano naman kung hindi matalinghaga ano naman?

ano naman kung ikaw mismo hindi mo na maintindihan?

kung hindi nila maintindihan?
magsulat ka lang.

hanggang sa maubos ang tinta,
              ang mga letra,
ang mga salita,
           ang mga talata,
   ang mga luha,
                       ang mga kabiguan..

sige lang.
  Apr 2021 Blueberry Ice
Her mind was brilliant
her mind was not even a diamond
it was much bigger and greater than this
it was deep like the ocean, broad like the sky,
no, it was considerably further than this

It was like the place where the sky and ocean meets
where the fish and all the wild creatures occupy
where the stars and the planets spin

It was much deeper and greater than this
It has wild thoughts and incredible themes
It pictures the most marvelous scenes

she was pretty ,not only her face
but she was pretty in soul, heart, features
she was pretty like I have never seen before
she was not pretty just like me and you
she was like the queen of this world
yet she did not know.
  Apr 2021 Blueberry Ice
Your emerald eyes
pierced through the lavender moon
sheltered by blue
Second try on doing this :DD
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