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Blueberry Ice Apr 20
I think I'm losing this game..
losing my mind..
losing myself..
While striving to be you.

but I want you..
the radiant you, the valiant you, the triumphant you..

I guess striving comes hand in hand with struggling..
then I would gladly push through
Hang in there..

Olfactory is the strongest memory.
Take care of your nose
that you may never forget me.

Proust's madeleine:

a particular scent that triggers a memory.
382 · Apr 17
We 🌃 Stars
Blueberry Ice Apr 17
We're not just specks in the horizon..
not even close..
if stars appear like splattered paint in the night skies,
then what of we on this bleak and dismal vast.

Tayo 🌃 Tala

Tayo'y hindi lamang sin-liit ng butil sa kalawakan..  kundi..
hindi man lamang hihigit..
kung ang mga tala'y nagmimistulang tuldok  sa mga  kalangitan
Ano pa ang hamak na isang tulad ko lamang.
353 · Apr 19
I've got nothing..
Blueberry Ice Apr 19
Nothing to prove..
                to people
who are counting on me..
                 l                p
                      l        a       a

Blueberry Ice Apr 27
Comes the day when her time shall end..
and thy name she'll never speak..
when she breathes as thin as thread
and the light in her eyes has long gone fled..
weep not for her.. but for thyself
for she will be in slumber
under the mercy of forgetting..
and woe are thee but tortured of her neverknowing.
335 · Apr 26
Sige lang..
Blueberry Ice Apr 26
sige lang

mag sulat ka lng
punuhin mo ng tinta,
        ng letra,
ng salita,
                ng talata,
   ng luha,
              ng saya,
  ng kabiguan ang bawat pahina..

mag sulat ka lang..

ano naman kung hindi nila magustohan ?

ano naman kung hindi matalinghaga ano naman?

ano naman kung ikaw mismo hindi mo na maintindihan?

kung hindi nila maintindihan?
magsulat ka lang.

hanggang sa maubos ang tinta,
              ang mga letra,
ang mga salita,
           ang mga talata,
   ang mga luha,
                       ang mga kabiguan..

sige lang.
Go for it..

just write
and fill the pages with ink, with letters, with words, with paragraphs, with tears, with joy, with frustrations..
Just write..
So what if they don't like it?
So what if it ain't so poetic?
So what if you yourself don't even  understand?
if they don't understand?
Just write..
Until the ink rans out , with all the letters, the words, the verses, the tears, the frustrations..

Go for it..
Blueberry Ice Apr 16
Because the heart is a temple,
and love inhabits every chamber..
love is a child that laughs the hardest, with simple dreams and simple happiness,
but love is a child that throws a tantrum,
and when love is upset, it pounds the heart until it cracks.
Love might be a child, but this child would break the heart open when it leaves.

Love is never selfless, nor selfish.
Love leaves.
Love comes back.
but now might be in a different form,
with a different name, different eyes, different smiles.
Love might be bigger now,
and a cracked open heart might be perfect to accomodate a much grown up love.

240 · Apr 6
Walking Iris
She dressed herself in beguiling array,
never did she grumble nor ever she dared say..
that her life
is not worth living
even when she only lasts a day.

208 · Apr 21
Dream : haiku
Blueberry Ice Apr 21
~ P a n a 🌙 g i n i p ~
( D   R   E   A   M )

I k a ' y    n a i d l i p
(You've taken a nap)

s a   m a r a h a n g    p a g    p i k i t
( As  you  slowly  closed  your eyes )

a t    n a n a g i n i p
(and you had a dream)

~ P a n g a ☀ r a p ~
( D   R   E   A   M )

p i n a g m a s d a n   k a
(I  gently  watched  you)

sa tulog **** mahimbing
(as you deeply fall asleep)

p i n a n g a r a p   k a
(and I dreamt of you)


I'm sorry..
that the world cannot be gentler to you..

I'm sorry..
that the world will never wait..
because time is constant and you're always running late..

I'm sorry..
that the world is filled with deciet and defeats..


..that the world..

..will never..
apologize for all the broken hearts and broken dreams.

142 · Apr 7
Arsenic and Loneliness
The world is filled with arsenic and loneliness;

strive to find the antidote.

115 · Apr 22
'Sakto lang
Blueberry Ice Apr 22
Hinding hindi ko malalaman ang mga hirap na iyong pinag daanan..
ngunit hindi ko rin kayang bil'hin ang kahit na anong yaman..
Saan ba lulugar ang mga taong sakto lang?
Kung baga sa buombilang..
ako 'yung bilog na nasa gitnahan..
Asan ang halaga ko?
Hindi naman ako nag umpisa sa pinaka mababa..
na kayang ipagmalaki 'pag nasa taas na..
hindi rin ako galing sa taas, na itutuloy nalang kung saan nag umpisa..
kundi, ako'y nandito lang..
hindi makagalaw..
laging nag-uumpisa..
naipit sa mga kaduloduluhan at kasukdusukdulan ng mundo
Ako 'yong taong sakto lang..
'yong taong wala lang..
'nasan ang halaga ko?

For the sake of others who doesn't understand this language, here's an English translation of the poem. Hope this don't ****.. 😄

Almost — but not — Enough

Never would I know the struggles you've been through
but never could I afford any riches too..
Where do we stand? where is my ground?
As if in a mathematical integer..
I am that point zero in the middle
Where is my value?
I didn't start at the bottom..
that I could be proud on reaching the top..
Neither was I on top, that I would just pick up where I start..
instead, I am just here..
always at the beginning
Stuck in between
the extremes and climaxes of this world..
I am that person who's 'almost—but  not— enough'
Where is my worth?
113 · Apr 25
Blueberry Ice Apr 25
Your heart was made of supernova..
bursting at once
from the secrets kept in coma.
109 · Apr 23
Sapat ka na
Blueberry Ice Apr 23
Ang paulit ulit na inuukit,
paulit ulit na iginuguhit,
upang ipaaalala sayo na magiging ikaw yan,
na dapat ikaw yan,
na ikaw yan.
alam mo naman,
na hindi ka lang
dalawa, tatlo, limang letra..
dalawa, tatlo, limang letra..
Tatlong letra na..
kulang ka pa ng dalawa..
kulang ka pa..
Kailan mo ba malalaman na kahit wala ang mga letrang iyan ay mahalaga ka ?
Na sapat ka na.

Thoughts of a wandering soul.

You are enough

the letters repeatedly carved,
letters repeatedly written.
to remind you that
that will be you,
that that should be you.
that that -is- you.
But deep down you know
that you are more than just two, three, five letters.
Three letters down..
two letters more to be enough,
you're still not enough.
When will it be clear that even without those letters you are significant?
That you are enough.
58 · Apr 22
Blueberry Ice Apr 22
Marahil ako nga'y nasa maling entablado
iginigiit gumanap  sa dulang isinulat
para kung sino.
Pinipilit igapang ang tanghalang ito..

Maaari ba akong magpahinga?
Tumigil sa pagpapanggap?
At lumaktaw tungo sa aking kabanata?

Nais ko rin namang hagilapin
ang tunay kong mithiin..
gampanan ang dulang nararapat na saakin..
paano ba mag uumpisa?.
kung ako'y masyadong abala
sa kakatanghal
sa entablado ng iba..
I'm so sorry for the bad translation.. please bear with me .


Maybe i am on the wrong stage..
acting up someone else's playwrite..
trying so hard to get through this rigid drama

May I have  a moment to pause?
to halt this pretense?
and skip pages straight to my chapter?

I longed to find my truth
and play the part  solely written for me

but how does one  begin ?
If I am too busy
performing in other people's platform.
20 · Jun 21
The Gloaming
Blueberry Ice Jun 21
When the gloaming bleeds like watercolor..
and you get the feeling of never wanting to let it pass..
that it fills your heart with euphoria.. screaming in your head
'No! Not yet.'
at the edge of an ending but has not yet ended..


and then reality hits
that never was it in your hands to grasp..
and nothing you can do
but make the most out of the mere moment brushing the tips of your fingers..

because no matter how loud you scream 'stop!'

Time is deaf.

the sun will set.

and it is inevitable.

— The End —