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Aug 2018 · 6.1k
Corrupted Emotion
B Lee Aug 2018
Broken flesh, infected in dissolute.
We tend to dispute our vision of the world seeing only black and white.
Our eyes decieve us blatantly concealing the harmonic view of a one race with different shades.
Philia filling my heart with philosophies of what love actually is.

Conforming to the emotions of our soul drifting towards carnality.
Seduced by the luring sweet scent that our desires tend to offer often leading to our spirits fatality.

A promise is yet to come. A sacrifice made for us with the Annointed One hanging under inri. We forget our mistakes are not irreversible and He gave us the chance to live with Him for eternity.

Agape. The love so beautiful its tangability pushes us towards Him even when our lifes are resisting. His love being the cure to my absence and His peace being the sustainter of my who am i to barricade you from His real love.
This was written for someone special to me.
Aug 2018 · 314
Painted Flowers
B Lee Aug 2018
The purple roses hide under the shadows.
Promises of blossom in the Morning and betrayal at night.
The lustful scent draws us closer to its pure taste.
They cry out to the heavens stretching to a blaze in the sky that a being named his sun.

Day is deceived by night through its light everyday and the flower stays and watches.
Thousands of black and yellow creatures steal pollen from his family and the flower stays and watches.
Trees, plants and brothers support begins to fail, skin blackening with their colour stained petals becoming colourless...and all the flower does is just watch.

Your love is like a rose, attracting with your divine beauty,
But you trap me in palm like a Venus flytrap.
I’m crying out for help but my voice is drowned in the sorrow of the deep soil your devious roots grow, forever rotting anything that attempts to grow near it.

— The End —