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What you do not give, you take it away.

Only a little sand fits in a closed hand,
and  open one let all the desert sand pass.

In autumn the forces regroup,
mutan, shut up .....
..... in spring they will be scream and scandal

To give you must be willing to receive.

That leaf is eternal ....... !.
Ademar Jr
A Gorgeous Face in the deep
Longing for your dear face, as I weep
For what did I do that made you sweep
This Prince of yours that you may keep
I always wanted to be with you despite my feet
May be poor, but I'll be truly sweet
To you O' dear love I' d conquer the streaks
Of you're list of men you've flipped
I'm here waiting despite it's midnight
Waiting a smile light my skylight
As the sun comes and bring its sunlight,
Your natural beauty captures my sight
And so did your father's might
As he gave me no permission to take your heart's flight
You know I would do anything to fight
So I used the remainder of the year to just fly kites
As We've finally met our eyes, destructed fright
For you said yes despite I'm 45
You call me love, and I call you baby
We took kisses from our daily beauty
And you've accepted me despite being not too pretty.
From the weight room
To the mats that feel like home
It's about bringing it together
Applying the technique from class
Feel the flow with finesse
A sequence transition from control
From the ground to mount
Side control making moves
A stiff body trying to be flexible
Wins are not common
Losses humble the spirit
Knowledge is gained from the encounter
Every partner experience has much to offer
Summer has
only just begun,
yet it feels like winter
now that you are here.
Hell will freeze over
by the time all is
said and done.
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