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Avery Greensmith Dec 2014
stop comparing me to the sun,
i like the stars better,
stop texting me at 3 am,
i'm actually trying to get sleep now.
stop quoting that ****** song
i've already thrown away that CD.
stop trying to break your way
in through the cracks in my skin
and stop trying to push me back
into the ocean, it's the winter, and
you know i don't want to swim.
please stop talking to my friends
because they want to hear from you
even less.
you came into our lives and broke a
few hearts and smashed a few bowls.
i don't need to back to stop my breathing,
because everytime you start to talk
i start to shake, and
shaking leads to screaming at 4 am
when you've stopped texting already.
anyways, you can't see the sun at
3 am, only the stars,
so why are you trying to get
a sun tan then?
you're a ******* idiot because the only thing that gives you a sun tan is the sun, but you're too afraid of getting a sunburn
Avery Greensmith Dec 2014
the world is in revolution,
kids are dying on the streets
and there is screaming at all hours of the day.
your oppressive ways have got to go
because the world has finally took off
the 'cool and collected' mask that stated
everything bad happened "in the olden days".
each new thing is like another
****** plate broken after a breakup.
everything's adding fuel to the
fire and soon the whole world
be up in flames, and it's a real

when i was younger they told me
all those things were cured.
they told me that war didn't really happen anymore,
and that people just didn't die for nothing,
and they told me that racism was a
thing of the past, it didn't leak into
everyday life anymore.

so I believed that they were all gone,
but it's time to open your ******* eyes
and realize that there's a reason
the world is burning up.

recently i watched this movie
((you all know what is,
its named after a singing bird))
and this girl said
"what if real life was like this"
but as I sat there I realized
that there was almost nothing different.
((except that was fiction,
and this is real life))

please wake up and smell
the burning before it's too late,
and you're caught up in the flames.

this world is in revolution,
and no one's going down without a fight.
Avery Greensmith Dec 2014
Yes #AllLivesMatter but I'm told my life
matters everyday in the essence of white privelge.
We don't need to be told that our lives matter,
because we're already told that.
you can't even grasp that can you??
so when your life is being torn apart and people
that look like us are being killed in the streets,
then you can get bad that the movement to stop oppression
doesn't include you,
but right now it doesn't, and I doubt it ever will
this isn't exactly poetry oh well
Avery Greensmith Dec 2014
your thoughts don't even fill the universe when you
think about it. they float about looking for someone
to cure their loneliness while they try to be heard.
but what if no one hears them?
what if they float out there forever reaching
empty heads and empty hearts and exploding
into stars.
what if those unspoken words are those
stars you look at every night, and what if
they're slowly killing you like you're slowly
killing me. Your unspoken thoughts are stars
that explode and travel in the universe,
but your spoken words fly through the earth
threatening everyone. They fill the sky
and turn it blue, making everyone gasp
in awe. It's important to have
your thoughts heard but sometimes it's
nice to see the stars from so far away,
and it's so hard to choose.
Avery Greensmith Nov 2014
you wear a band aid over a paper cut,
and then laugh when you hear that this
country was built on blood.
and now the blood is overflowing onto
the streets,
but the people have had enough.
while they're out there trying
to stop their kids from drowning
in blood,
you're in here laughing, and
spewing some philosophical ****
about how violence isn't the answer.
but please come talk to me
when our children are dying in
the streets (but they won't.
me and you both know that so
just accept that this is wrong
and that the world is like an immune system.
it gets rid of the things that
make it sick.)
you and your oppressive arguments
make me sick so go look
go look at the people drowning in
blood and tell me
why you need that band aid for your
paper cut.
Avery Greensmith Nov 2014
You used to talk about how
much you needed coffee to
keep you awake in English class.
so you could pay attention
(but you were always texting
me in English class so it didn't do
you that much good.
i think you just liked the
way the teacher glared
at you when you drank it in class.)

one time they told me you ran away,
but you left your computer at home,
so i knew you'd come back.
((you were stuck in the forest for 36 hours
and for 36 hours i could barely breathe.)

you acted like you were saving me,
but i don't even need saving
i just need you to *******.

one time you drank *****,
just so you could taste it,
and you hated it.
but now you're back and
you're pretending,
you're pretending that you
actually buy your coffee
(instead of grab it at starbucks
when the barista isn't looking).
you're pretending that you've
never been in the woods and
when someone offers you *****
you gulp it right away.

it doesn't matter that you're
pretending because you're still
trying to be above everyone
and im so ******* done with you.
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