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Mar 2016 · 426
evening recitation
XvA Mar 2016
A moment of reprised sentience retrospectively retrograding on its own
Deeds done ago
Revering its alter right

lead as stones and alive
Substract whats unchanneled revivified its denials

Polarize whats neccessary and in ;undeniably  benéfact
If that was riddling you away
And but dont only be able to dictate
Learn to appreciate each imprint
Mar 2016 · 253
eye haiku #09
XvA Mar 2016
Walk away.. since every steps have a miracle , preserved with grace
Embrace this moment of joy
At the pace of peace

Exhaling out inhaling in
All thats stowed between
Like A lightning clouds pronounce;
Roars all around.
XvA Jul 2015
Walk in each other out, this distances seem to cease to another throne of treasure and kingdom of eclectic bliss, with your arms around me, at ease.

Be quiet, my heart.
Be quiet for me.
I am afraid he will hear;
I am afraid he will see.

Wounds sealed, scars vanished as love your felt beneath. Oh hope the moment doesn't squeeze since the truth we seek is within this undivided dream.

Be quiet, my heart.
Be quiet... please.
Don't dart out of my chest.
Don't race away my mortal beats.

As the branches of enchantment rises to its prerequisite tract, they intend to glow off an miraculous beam.

Be quiet, my heart,
He mustn't know this.
And if you are scared,
Whisper me your worries.

Visions of sacred bond began to flourish and while we swing through the blooming rainbow; for he found his queen and her king revealed.. <3 and live everybody
<3 peace &happinesss
Different perspectives, and ways of expressing unconditional love in words. Do check out my other poems and more poems by meowAndmehs !!
Jul 2015 · 592
WEaver's song
XvA Jul 2015
Not be an fancier of lonesome
for the spark , you crave ;is in
So crawl and rise after an fleeting fall
to be the weaver of your own dreams.
Placing momentarily then you'll see an flight of wisdom changeling away
Fusing down its signature groove
For at least once we deserve to sway
Now since peace is reserved
we' can and will fleet
and bleed the words of wisdom out
till its seed grews enough ,to repeat.
Knowledge and calmness commands off their wings
as love and faith stand above for with the colourful Soul Ring's.
Life has lot to share ,for those who can and should be true to themselves. Listen youll feel
Feel youll hear
hear youll live.
Jul 2015 · 774
XvA Jul 2015
Let lust be drowned to the off shores of love with syncronitivity and on
with no hectical differences amongst
the closure of another perfect fold.

While shades of grey begins to interpret , ultra dimension to the horizon of strumming dunes

The unrevealed songs step forth for an imminent act of initiation.
towards an mesmerising sound nature of death

For life withstand in and out through the path for an reason to lost , or found ; a sacred transformation
but if for even once, when life calls for a road to choose

Never let the one within be ever quiet and frown instead stand up roar; clear your vows
As life doesnt shy and neither will you, so try and you will recover every "how's"..
for evryone of who forgets to smile back when met with one..for evryone who knws they can but still chooses to look back just so tht no one staya back. To the ones who seek love in life and yet misunderstand it while they hold it on in beneath them.
#Think #live
Jul 2015 · 777
An sjhallow stitch
XvA Jul 2015
While Life learnt to drive-through and not fall for a secondth
the posture of faith grew to Re-Enact just so it may never repeat.
To attempt a magnonimus intercept's priceless to the sailor of lightz
So ,if the call rodes off ; Sights face insights in the darkest nights.
When light is immense, darkness
ride through that Rainbow
and moments began to withdraw some cynical glow of snow.
As the wizard of life photos togetherness in within
the Cycle of Evolvement; an special bond of soul and mind!

Thank you for reading. :)
Jul 2015 · 486
XvA Jul 2015
When bolting waves took off ,for in quest of
Iced surfaced Shores with scars of love.
And as the sea sung melody of mediant breeze
with sorrow and fear seemingly to be
Into Awakened land of sparkles ,emitting immensely in the act of feeling ,breathing , living.
An noble paradox swifting silently..
in Search of an great step
#Love for life <3
Jan 2015 · 568
few fine sights.
XvA Jan 2015
An pleasant night...Amore mild ,than wild.
You..zoomin,stumbling,moving alright
for my most,minimised sets of vision insights.
Made in...moved in for meeting without no consciences of moonshine.
We shined,tough to deny the uprise..the valued climb.
Where everything seems to rhyme.
Or was i at the center of meltdown on my melting point.And you kept mesmerising.
It took a'while to were too mazed to measurise,to my surprise.
Or was it you,on the monocyclic ride in &off; my mind.And i'd still moo down like an moonbeam ,my way.
Morphed down,above some waves...moss hags, mrches across our way,the muted disguise.
Dis-mantling apart my motor cortex and hers as well.
Motoring,defflexing us far away
Misprized off,what we hold of
we were misplaced...mislayed so cruel,the perfect mishap.
Waving off,from the monstrance of our  retraction
irreticulating without no demise
Avowed i stood by..Upon those marks,beyond the maze of multiplicated edges
'Hope they'll know..Coz we knw weGA
Dedicated to moon :
Keeping that in mind..drew my work out to all the peoples out there and here as well
..enjoy. Thank you
P'POV (trivia:32 Words Starting with M are used in the verdict and adding to it ,the letter m has also been repeated for 53 times.

— The End —