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Jan 2015
An pleasant night...Amore mild ,than wild.
You..zoomin,stumbling,moving alright
for my most,minimised sets of vision insights.
Made in...moved in for meeting without no consciences of moonshine.
We shined,tough to deny the uprise..the valued climb.
Where everything seems to rhyme.
Or was i at the center of meltdown on my melting point.And you kept mesmerising.
It took a'while to were too mazed to measurise,to my surprise.
Or was it you,on the monocyclic ride in &off; my mind.And i'd still moo down like an moonbeam ,my way.
Morphed down,above some waves...moss hags, mrches across our way,the muted disguise.
Dis-mantling apart my motor cortex and hers as well.
Motoring,defflexing us far away
Misprized off,what we hold of
we were misplaced...mislayed so cruel,the perfect mishap.
Waving off,from the monstrance of ourย ย retraction
irreticulating without no demise
Avowed i stood by..Upon those marks,beyond the maze of multiplicated edges
'Hope they'll know..Coz we knw weGA
Dedicated to moon :
Keeping that in mind..drew my work out to all the peoples out there and here as well
..enjoy. Thank you
P'POV (trivia:32 Words Starting with M are used in the verdict and adding to it ,the letter m has also been repeated for 53 times.
Written by
XvA  somewhere between Asia
(somewhere between Asia)   
     vinny, Kenshล and XvA
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