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It wasn’t until this year that I started keeping alcohol in the house at all times.

A year shy of thirty and I finally figured out what’s needed to survive.
595 miles.

The distance you traveled to start a life with me.

2095 miles.

The distance you traveled to get away from that life.

(Endless miles of heartbreak between the two.)
It’s a difficult thing for me to explain-

Being overly emotional
yet unable to express my feelings.

Like being in a room quickly filling with smoke-
I could open a window,

but I instead choose to choke.
you tapped my shoulder
and whispered in my ear

"thats wrong. fix it"

my gaze followed
your long, boney finger
down to the skewed papers
on the desk next to mine

i simply shook my head and answered with
"no, thats not mine to touch"

i started to ignore
your fervent tapping and whispering
but it moved up
to screaming and shaking my body
i couldnt hold myself back any longer

i quickly grabbed the papers
and filed them
making sure they were neat
before setting them back down

you were happy
it was casual
it was normal

so i started to
live by your rules
letting your gentle taps and whispers
tell me what to do

i would fold my gym clothes
in the same order every day
i would sanitize my hands
before and after every single class
i would fix peoples binders, paper, and pencils
just to please you

then it changed

others started to laugh
mess up the clothes i neatly folded
push my papers out of order
hold me back
as they made everything crooked
watching me struggle against their hands
as i tried to break free
to fix it all

you were screaming
telling me how those fingertips
were touching my body
infecting me

you were violently shaking me
saying how wrong the mess was
that i had to fix it

fix it
fix  it
fix it

i still do as you say
abide by your rules
the laughing and taunting
has disappeared now
as i freely fix my things

theres the occasional question and statement
"why dont you just leave it?"
"it isnt that important"
"the mess wont affect you"

none of them know
of you looming behind me
a strict ruler of my mind
telling me they were wrong

none of them will know
they wouldnt never understand
how important your pure touches and words are
to the filthy, messy place
that is my mind
I wish we had a president
That cared about the populace
Instead of one who's wants the law
To bankrupt almost all of us.
The one we have cares about
Only the super rich and the white.
He’s a ditzy mouthy narcissist
And  for sure that is not right!

It really wasn’t long ago
We went through this kind of fear
And now we are feeling sick
That terror is once again here.
This time we’re not afraid
Of people from another land.
Our country may be dying
But, again it’s by it’s own hand.

Part of it is stupidity and sloth
And part is just evil mindedness,
That either makes us look away
Or make others hate kindness.
Some of our parents trained us
To be big bullies and whiney brats.
And others ******* progress
By dissolving into brainless spats.

I wish we had a president
Like we have had in times gone by
Instead of one who is so happy
To pat his own back, cheat and lie.
It would give us all a chance
To avoid waging another war.
I wish we had a president
That knew what that job was for.
 Nov 2016 Austin Heath
i am
soft like
the shell of an angel
sleeping at your side but i'm
lost and i'm
colder than ice
so keep me in your closet
and sew shut my eyes

you tell me i'm the
prettiest girl
and you tell me that you want to give me
the entire world
with your hand around my neck and my
skin in your teeth
your fists feel like kisses and i
pray that i bleed

all these
cages and candy wrappers
all this
rust in my veins
i can see now
perfectly clear that i'm
probably insane

so i learn to
tie knots with cherry stems

i feel
smaller than a bumble bee
but you're
larger than life
"come here" said my darling he
plays inside my mind
and there's a
fire inside me
you can see it
in my eyes
it hurts like ****,
but without you i'm
just gasoline
so i buy you matches
all the time

*i am
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