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Caitlin Nesbit
30/F/Louisville, KY    I bite my tongue and use the blood to paint these words.
Boston    have fun reading my unhappy poetry
The Ripper
B'tween pen & paper    I am not a great writer, you just like to read bad poetry -
Emillee Goodwin
Natasha Martis
18/F/Mumbai    A dreamer with a zest for the unknown. If you want to get it touch with me you can always email me [email protected]
Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.
Ann Beaver
All poems written on here are copyright protected.
21/Gender Fluid    Sincerely, Me. Copyright © Ady B. All rights reserved.
UK    Queer POC writer, MH & intersectional values. Saba Mir Copyright ©
London, UK    I'm not a poet. I'm barely a human being.
,Mitchell, Indiana    I'm in love with supernatural & sleeping with sirens. I enjoy writing poems and stories of any kind.
Lindsey Williams
Indefinitely indecisive.
Detroit    So far away From okay
William McLaughlin
Springdale Ar    Depression. Hurt. Emotional. Happy. Anger. Love. Reality. Life. Alone. Sadness. Understanding. Righteous. Misguided. Philosophical. Need. Want. Serenity. Tranquility. Darkness. Light. These are the words in ...
Porsche Newell
California    Moved to :)
EP Mason
Cheltenham, England    we are all in the gutter- but some of us are looking at the stars.
Circa 1994
Florida    Old enough to know better. Young enough not to care.
Erin O'Malley    Erin O’Malley is a 15-year-old writer from Pennsylvania.
Summer Lee
lost in thought
19/F/Pekin, Illinois    So I'm 19. Proudly engaged to a Marine. I will be writing a lot more because when he is not with me I find comfort ...
Zoe Sue
Come back, Sylvia, dear
18/F    "Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it to reach you."
Canada    I luz reading poetry :*
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