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Nov 2014 · 535
The Wolf
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Darkened cryptic waltz through the trees
vertical limbs in liquid motion
claiming ground for themselves as they please
dedicated to the cause, with deadly devotion
Hair dancing with a sympathetic feel
side to side, back and forth, left to right
Grey like flannel, black like steel
Out of the day, and into night
The bright tapestry of darting eyes
concealing the patience of a saint
The death of leporidae, a brutal demise
deceptive, lying,  misleading restraint
A smile reveals 42 machines for killing
for stabbing and shearing, for crunching
born deaf and blind, they are deaf and blind no more
Nov 2014 · 723
I'm Not You
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
You told me time and again how you did it, life I mean
how you never let anything beat you, man or machine
How you got sick and tired of being sick and tired
you know underdog gets angry and so triumphs
The innumerable possessions you acquired
And I remember the feel good story of ..
the guy who knew
so little about a business
Then went on to become a huge success
and I remember everyone in town thought you were great
From the homeless man on the corner, to the district attorney
all you needed was a running mate
I'm surprised the elbows in your shirts lasted
Given all the rubbing they went through
and I remember you could cook
And sew, you could sew better than most women
which would serve to fuel more than one smile
on more than one occasion
You were an admirable man, by anyone's standards
I remember how you always had an answer for everything
Me myself
Things DO beat me sometimes
for me sometimes you win, sometimes you get beat
Win or lose is NOT the issue
but that I have the heart to stand toe to toe with life day after day
And I say that with a heavy heart because
Because I've lost friends who couldn't
And I get sick and tired too, but for me, sick and tired go hand in hand
Like Sunshine and rain, like happy and sad
Like up and down or good and bad
For me, That's just life, it does that, I have two little rules
#1 Don't sweat the small stuff
#2 It's ALL small stuff
Business, sore subject
Moving on ...
Hey! I CAN tell you about being a pirate!
Not a peg leg, patch over one eye kind of pirate
A ship commandeering, treasure hunting pirate
you should know though that
I may refer to something like a bed as a "ship," and to me
Not all treasure is made of gold
But that's me
The people in this town don't all think I'm great
The district attorney certainly knows my name but, we're not friends
I'm friends with the homeless guy on the corner
I stuck a dinner in the microwave last night for two minutes
does that constitute cooking?
I haven't sewn in years
And they don't let me play with guns these days, you know, since
the incident  ;~
I don't have all the answers, not even close, I wish I did
But then
You know one thing I NEVER could get you to understand dad
I'm not you
edited 2:45 11/14/14
Nov 2014 · 299
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Fathering a child
              Does Not Necessarily
Make you a father
Nov 2014 · 787
Nobody's Dangerous Anymore
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
For so many years one of his favorite ways to flirt with a woman
Was by telling her that she was dangerous
This always got the desired response which was her asking
"What do you mean?"
A question she would ask with a crooked smile of course
Then he'd turn his head to one side or the other
Then half way back, cut his eyes to meet hers and say
"You give a guy a lot to think about that's all" shrugging his shoulders
and that...that was the door she was waiting for
wanting to walk through
So she would pose this question
"Like what?"
And he would get this big smile on his face and reply
"I ain't sayin' a word"
"No come on, tell me" She would pry, hungry now for the flattery
He toyed with her "I don't want any trouble"  he'd say
He was dying for trouble
Thinking to himself "Come on, just a little closer"
She'd get a deadly look on her face and say
"Well maybe I do"
and he'd smile like a king looking over his kingdom
That's how it would start alright but
He's in love now
married to a wonderful woman
and maybe he's the last of the Mohicans cause nowadays
When he's propositioned, he just smiles, tugs at his wedding ring
and says  "It just won't come off"
It's funny
Who'd have thought the day would ever come when
Nobody's dangerous anymore
edited 6:22 p.m. 11/13/14
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
See him wasted on the sidewalk, in his jacket and his jeans
Wearin' yesterday's misfortunes like a smile
Once he had a future, full of money love and dreams
Which he spent like they was goin' outta style

And he keeps right on a'changin', for the better or the worse
Searchin' for a shrine he's never found
Never knowin' if believin', is a blessin' or a curse
Or if the goin' up was worth, the comin' down

He's a poet, an' he's a picker, he's a prophet, an' he's a pusher
He's a pilgrim and a preacher, and a problem when he's ******
He's a walkin' contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction
Takin' ev'ry wrong direction on his lonely way back home

He has tasted good and evil, in your bedrooms and your bars
And he's traded in tomorrow for today
Runnin' from his devils Lord, and reachin' for the stars
And losin' all he loved, along the way

But if this world keeps right on turnin', for the better or the worse
And all he ever gets is older and around
From the rockin' of the cradle, to the rollin' of the hearse
The goin' up was worth, the comin' down

He's a poet, an' he's a picker, he's a prophet, an' he's a pusher
He's a pilgrim and a preacher, and a problem when he's ******
He's a walkin' contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction
Takin' ev'ry wrong direction on his lonely way back home

There's a lot of wrong directions, on that lonely way back home
Nov 2014 · 627
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
While I was still my mothers child
I was a young hell razor
Out of her control
I was always running wild
With both guns blazing
Things were real good on the whole
But now I'm looking out
over the edge
of a lifetime
And what's chilling me
in my soul
right to the bone
Lord I never dreamed, mama I never thought
that it might end like this
Here on the planet
Of 7 billion people
and I'm all lone
Somewhere down the long road
My father said "just watch yourself"
He said "I know you think your sly"
Said "life's got it's own code"
"Your heart will end up by itself"
Said "life's just passing by"
Of course I let it slide
Cause he just wasn't me
Cause I thought I knew it all
Yeah I let the years go by
Now I'm down here on my knees
Less distance to fall
Now as I look out
over the edge
of a lifetime
It's chilling me
in my soul
right to the bone
Daddy I never dreamed, I mean I never thought
that it might end like this
Here on the planet
Of 7 billion people
All Alone
Nov 2014 · 843
There you are
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
I Walked into a dream of love gone by
Fading through a sound that felt like you
And all the fears you felt that screamed my name
When you would fall down I'd see you through
I built a shrine to you inside my mind
Where you would dry my tears and dream of me
I'd lick the flames of a love on fire  
Just to know that you were there for me
Day after day you were there for me
I'm lost somewhere in time
Holding onto you
I've got to let you go
All caught up in you
Drift through the barren days
run through the endless nights
I kept your letters too
I'm all caught up in you
We bathed in moonlight with the curtains drawn
And swore tomorrow we would be this way
You said your love was one I could count on
You said that if I'd meet your love half way
You swore we'd never lose our way
I'm lost in yesterday
Holding onto you
You've got to let me go
All caught up in you
Through all the lucid dreams, through all of loves extremes
I've got to make you see
You're still a part of me
I catch a glimpse of you inside a sound
Wish that yesterdays were back in tune
Wish your heart would wander back around
So I could tell you that I love you
You're still a part of me
So many feelings involved in even one love
Nov 2014 · 279
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
We hadn't been together too long
Must have been all of a while
There was some narcotic in her laughter
Lord she had whiskey in her smile
I got so intoxicated
I got far too liquored up
and nothing goes down smoother
than a woman's smile from a velvet cup
So when I saw the chance I took the shot
Tied our hearts in a lovers knot
But we wound up in a painful spot
In a house that love forgot ...

I said you're really getting to me
She said this will **** the kids
I told her this was gonna haunt her
She told me it already did
You know one thing leads to another
Before you know it years have passed
And with the feelings all but gone now
You know the family just won't last
So when I saw the chance I took the shot
Left the house that love forgot
But I wound up in a painful spot
With my heart in a lovers knot
Nov 2014 · 756
Just seems10W
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
We're usually as good
as our last piece of writing
just an observation
Nov 2014 · 351
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
You know what I LET you know
You see what I LET you see
But I never let you see ME
that's far too risky
You can hold my heart
you can hold my hand
we can make love or
we can make demands
We can discuss
  We can converse
Or I'll be the Dr. and you be the nurse ;~
But I never let you see me
that's far too risky
A thousand nights
A thousand days
A thousand times
A thousand ways  
We laugh we talk
We dance we sing
You the Queen and I the King
But I never let you see me
that's far too risky
I'll bet you thought
after all this time
That you knew the reason
you knew the rhyme
But I HAVE not
Ever let you see me
There are wolves about
Ever thought about the fact that it's possible to be with someone for years and never really know them
Nov 2014 · 882
(10W) Salute to Beryl Dov
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
You're STILL obsessed with ten word poems?
You got ISSUES!
my salute to the Michael Jordan of 10W, Beryl Dov   ;~
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
I'm Trying
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
For so long you've craved my touch
The feel of my arms around you
The warmth of my breath on the back of your neck
To feel my heart beat against yours
and rightfully so
I know that I am broken
What YOU don't know about is all of the times that I try
I TRY to hold you
I WANT to put my arms around you
I WISH that our bodies were pressed against one another
So in the stillness of our early morning hours
window open, bedroom welcoming the breeze
the artificial staccato of rain in the air
despite my fears and to say nothing of the miles between us in our bed
I move over, inching closer to you
Blood warming, Heart quickening
Once flesh meets flesh...this should be HOT
My right foot slides across the bed to rest up against yours
I slide my body even closer to yours now
sure that you will meet me any second
warmer... quicker
And from her mouth...a soft giggle and these words

"You have all that room and I'm like, right on the edge"

I moved back to my side,  without so much as hinting of the disappointment and rejection that I felt

Amazing how two people can want the SAME thing and
yet, somehow... we still found a way to miss each other
In the confines of our own bed!
(A soft sigh with a frustrated, gentle smile)  Note to you:
I stopped by to see you this morning, you were half asleep I fear
Do wait up for me tonight!
Anticipation is SUCH a rush ~
Nov 2014 · 332
It's Not Easy
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
No more table for two
And no white zinfandel, the final act is over and
the curtain has fell
No use in cryin, cuz what's done is done
It's time for me to pack up my heart and
be on the run
But it's not easy
saying goodbye to you this way
didn't we just then say "hello"
My heart keeps asking me girl, where you are
it simply refuses to let go
Nov 2014 · 393
She's Startin Fires
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Step up eye to eye and tell me what's on your mind
A word of warning it's all or nothing so lay it on the line
Does that look mean what it's sayin? I believe it's talkin to me
It's sayin "sit right down," sayin "let's be friends," sayin "coffee,tea or me?"
Streetwise she's just what I need, a package wrapped up tight
She walks soft and she carries a stick
A stick of dynamite
She's startin fires tonight, all over town
She's playin with fire and hearts, and burnin em down
She'll pull you close for a bit, you think the party's on
But one dance is all you get
And then she's gone
She's startin fires
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
So there I was
                          Sitting on the couch  ...
I gave it a shot ;~
Nov 2014 · 336
This Little Idea
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Ideas..they are the most inopportune creatures aren't they
I was in the middle of a good sleep when this one came along
And it appears as tho I won't get any sleep until I acknowledge it
Until I give it life, until I set it free, you know free, liberate
Hmm ..
To have Life
To be Free
To be Liberated
What an Idea
SHHH...I'm the only one here ;~
Nov 2014 · 235
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
One Thing I CAN say
                                     Never mind, I'll write it
Nov 2014 · 226
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Hate to see you leave
                                    Love to watch you go
Nov 2014 · 474
On Life and Love
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
You're Trying Too Hard
Easy to say,  difficult to understand
Nov 2014 · 269
Now and Again
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
I stepped in, quite by accident ..
that's a lie  
it was intentional
Every move I made was intentional from the moment I saw you
It was an exquisite place, oh I realized where I was right off ..
inside of your heart
My soul looked at yours and curiously remarked
"no one's ever been here before have they?" 
 A question it already knew the answer to
but just loved the smoke and mirrors created by asking.
And I absolutely adored the virtuous way your soul replied "no"
you hadn't made the bed, I remember I liked that
Somehow it looked easier to get into that way
I turned to face you, our eyes locked, you smiled asking "what?"
I looked down at the floor, then turned my eyes up to meet yours
being sure to look ever so sincere as I replied
"you're beautiful"
You took my hand,
and led me to that unmade bed                        
your soul whispered "no" of course but,
you gave the room to me.
I moved the furniture around, painted the walls                                 changed the bed linens, hung my clothes in the closet
hung my jacket from the chair back
put my cologne on the dresser
I painted your spirit with the most incredible colors
and you did the same for me in loving return
I  can still see that jacket hanging on the back of that chair
And every once in a while you swear you can smell that cologne
But how is that possible when ..
We haven't seen each other in years
couldn't sleep...that's all
Nov 2014 · 345
Maybe, Maybe Not
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Antiquated illusionist, frail as he may be, weaves spells, creates enigmas
for the populace to see
In his own little world of nihilism only he exist
The solo axiom, in a sea of drowning fish
Paroxysm comes in intervals, sometimes four, five times a day
not pain, not rage, nor convulsion but laughter leads the way
Excuse me my good man he shouts, would you care to drink with me?
And I wouldn't call that strange at all, if he weren't talking to a tree
you too my friends you'll come along for the party, he loudly said
The little dogs just gave a bark, and cocked their puzzled heads
He marched into the bar as if he were leading a parade
the look in his eyes screamed all the while..
this man's in need of shade
But what a time they had that day, they drank till there was no more
Till the little dogs and he alike lay passed out on the floor
Then a tap on the shoulder, an "excuse me sir,"                                       and a "call for you line three"
Sitting up in his chair he thought to himself "what a crazy dream"
While on the phone he glanced around and something caught his eye
When he realized what it was he saw, he thought he'd surely die
Two small dogs lie in the corner, beneath a small, green tree
And with a straining glance he noticed
An empty shot glass beside all three ;-)
You must forgive my writing, as you can see even the slightest attempts at punctuation give me trouble, I  only hope that you enjoy the concept of the poem and ..overlook my grammatical shortcomings
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
I was tap dancing on stilettos in the snow when                                                             ­                                                            I  began to notice the crimson markings on my world
And I thought  it odd                                                              ­                         That something as beautiful as a dance ..
Would cause one
To bleed
one down..a million to go
Nov 2014 · 534
For CC
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Silent screams in the middle of the night
Madness still, takes to flight
Anger flows like a raging flood
My heart fills with black, my eyes with blood
Alone in the darkness when the sun disappears
The same shallow place when the day is here
Cut by the masses time and again                                                            ­     What is this pain that I usher in
A darkness called hatred that I allow
Somebody tell me why, why and how?
Waking up in the darkness with my spirit in a rage
While the black cat snarls and paces it's cage
I must overcome, I can't let it win
Find a new place for my heart to begin
To understand and embrace just what I get
That fire is hot
And rain is wet
Pain, you'll find
Over time ..
Loses it's sting
Nov 2014 · 304
If only I were great
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
If only I were great, what tales I would spin
If only I could reach that space from within
The point from which great writers do extricate
those rivers of poetic beauty they create
the ones people seem to get lost inside of
the ones that seem magically to descend from above
A piece that would quench the most hard to please thirst
and it's ten millionth reading would entertain as it's first
If only my writing were "all the rage"
to see it in print, with my name on the page
A dream so illusive, so far yet so near
A reality so clouded, so distorted yet clear
Great paintings are seen and great poems are heard
Great painters use paint, great writers use words
It all sounds so simple and yet it's so hard
like trying to pull an ace out of fifty-two cards
I would write for you all, lines that others would imitate
I would write for you all ...

If only I were great
written   2 a.m.

— The End —