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Nov 2014
She has eyes like a wolf, beautiful, easy to get lost in
A gentle touch, soothing to the soul
Always a kind word for others
All the neighbors love her
A more gentle woman God never created
She's that one thing that no one can put their finger on but
They all know she's the glue that binds everything together
When social functions are attended, she's out front because
Nobody does PR quite like her
She's the one with a seemingly infinite supply of optimism
The kind of person you hate when you're having a bad day
The image that forms in your head upon meeting her
Is a very serene one
"No doubt in the perfect marriage" you say to yourself
But he's
Massive rage, deceptively charming
She met her prince but
Unwittingly gave her heart to a monster
She prepares meals, does laundry
Makes sure appointments are kept, deadlines are met
And she eats it up when he's attentive
And she gets so confused
By the way that he can be so loving one minute
And then explode like a hell bent hurricane
And she searches time and again for the answer thinking ...
"Maybe I did this wrong" or "Maybe this made him mad"
"I'll just do this differently next time"  Or
"He's got a lot on his mind"
You cannot crucify him in her presence
She will not hear of it, she see's what no one else sees
She clings to a hope that others have long since abandoned
Easy to write a few lines about
Hell to live the life of
Beauty and The Beast
Franklin Richards
Written by
Franklin Richards
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