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Nov 2014
Suspend the moon from golden anchors
Hide your notes on doing time
Halos tarnish in secret places
Ain't no such thing as  a victimless crime
Concrete held me like a lover
Tucked me into a metal bed
And I could fill the oceans in my heart
With all the hatred that I've bled
I gave the rage too much control
Forgot all about the cold hard facts
Like "boy once you squeeze the trigger..."
"You can't get the bullets back"
Some say "hell you should have killed em"
I guess that depends on who you ask
One thing I'm certain of these days
The answer ain't hiding in a whiskey flask
Spent a lot of time thinking things over
Ran to the edge of suicide and back
I ran the gamut of emotions
I went from blue to carbon black
But I found out just who I'd been hating
I saw my reflection and he was looking back
So I came home a bit too much to look at
teardrop tattoo underneath my eye
Skull and crossbones on my neck
With the words "Hell raiser till I die"
But this single story don't define me
This doesn't tell you who I am
A Minister who's got a background
Don't think for a minute that I'm "less than"
Let's see if I've anything to offer
They say it never hurts to try
Anyone who's ever known me
Knows I can't just lay down and die
I wonder how long it's gonna take
Will time go slow or will it go fast
How far must I go into the future
Before I outrun my past
Franklin Richards
Written by
Franklin Richards
       Darby Boyette, ---, blythe, ---, --- and 12 others
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