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ardnaxela Apr 23
one finger or two?
pick a direction; apply
pressure, aim and twirl.
enter the garden.
  Apr 2 ardnaxela
Late at night, when distant memories surface, she pulls at the tug of nostalgia.

In a different life, maybe they stood a chance. Maybe she didn’t walk away. Maybe he didn’t let her leave.

In a different world, maybe they could have been. Maybe she would have kissed him. Maybe he would have fought for her.

In a different universe, maybe they’re in love. Maybe she’s his heartbeat. Maybe he’s her home.
ardnaxela Mar 4
Your love is
mesmeric like
smoke rising off
the lake in the soft
gentle and tranquil.
  Mar 4 ardnaxela
sorry for waiting for you to leave
before I told you to stay
  Mar 4 ardnaxela
To have a friend,
to have someone to care for you,
is a weakness,
it makes you vulnerable,
but to be alone,
to have no one,
gives you nothing left,
and you're still vulnerable,
I want someone there for me,
but I don't want to risk it,
I don't want to be it,
ardnaxela Feb 12
I wanna see you fly.
Not because you have wings
but rather,
all the ones who said
you'd never do such a thing.
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