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2.3k · Oct 2021
Andrew Oct 2021
Couple together,
walking in the rain - pretty;
I walk with myself
1.9k · Nov 2021
I see myself
Andrew Nov 2021
I see myself -
cover my eyes,

a smile
surrounds my words
and I

am old,
but I am happy
1.5k · Nov 2021
She smells of strawberries
Andrew Nov 2021
She smells of strawberries,
ice cream on a
melting, runny day

She speaks of blueberries,
waffles in the morning -
hot and warm,
comfy -
snuggled, next to you

I smell strawberries so often;
I hear blueberries so soon,
and every time I do,
still - I think, I speak

of you
1.5k · Sep 2021
today, and always
Andrew Sep 2021
You are beautiful
as I write this,
therefore, you are

You are wonderful
as I say this,
therefore, you are

You are everything
as I even begin to think this,
therefore, you are

You are my love
as I learn to love -
You are
You are
You are
1.4k · Aug 2021
happy because of Her
Andrew Aug 2021
as I move my hands,
happy, as I walk to
the door -

Happy, happy,
happy - my heart smiles -

I see it on my face.

I see it when I
see You. I am


         because of You
1.4k · Oct 2021
that orange smiled
Andrew Oct 2021
that orange smiled

from the open hands
of the trees

it danced
and rejoiced
when it saw the good - there -

the ghost, from this past rain
began to wallow
and whisper to me

look at
look at
look at
how happy this all is

it had stopped now
- of course - what was new
of something meant to pass, but I didn’t worry,
it was all okay

I looked at the sky, that

and I said to myself

look at how happy this all is
1.2k · Jul 2021
lime green
Andrew Jul 2021
The leaves
were lime green -
it was a pretty colour

They swayed
and danced and talked
in the wind

Life was
beautiful for them
and because of that

it was beautiful for me
1.1k · Mar 2021
Andrew Mar 2021
Let me stand
in the sun

and I will enjoy every moment of it

Let me hear
so sweetly
the birds that sing
and I won't ask for another moment
such as this
1.0k · Nov 2021
november, november, november
Andrew Nov 2021
There is yellow on the leaves,
they shiver in this air, tremble
at the rain that falls
around them; it is a lovely day today

Grey hangs from the sky,
droops around the pavement so wet, rustles
the darkening daytime light
outside the window; it is a lovely day today

I sit inside this heated room
and yet, I feel the shiver from outside, I feel
the rain that hangs from this grey colored
sky, I am in awe at the yellow leaves that fall

it is a lovely day today
1.0k · Mar 2021
I want a room
Andrew Mar 2021
I want a room
with a piano;
maybe even
a chair

and we'll sit and we'll play,
we'll sit and we'll sing,
and we'll sit and we'll smile
'till everything feels
just a little,
a little,
a little bit better

And when we go to bed,
we'll close the top and think
maybe tomorrow,
maybe tomorrow
we can smile again
972 · Jan 2021
Moving on
Andrew Jan 2021
and the only Goodbye
was silence
963 · May 2021
Cardinals in the air
Andrew May 2021
I poured some coffee on the ground

It's now on my feet

I don't want to write this,
but I am
I don't know what to write,
but I am

I sat outside today
and I got bored,
so - I poured some coffee on the ground

I don't know what to make of life
but I am
943 · Sep 2021
Golden, golden, golden
Andrew Sep 2021
Smoke curls from the cup -
it swirls and dances in awe

Sunlight shines from Her hair -

golden, golden -

is this Heaven?
I like to think
this is what it must be

I sit in this Sunlight -
bask in it - and I think
Heaven can't be as pretty
as this
912 · Jun 2021
night skies
Andrew Jun 2021
A star dances
from my window
and I watch in awe -

as silent as the night,
and as vast as this sky,
I am empty
and I am alone

but somehow,

I will continue to dance
833 · Oct 2021
year after year
Andrew Oct 2021
can you imagine

growing old?
to see - to smell
the flowers grow

year after year?

to have your love
in such a smile,
and hold it so close

year after year?

to see the wrinkles
snuggle into a blanket called
our skin, yet - we don’t mind -
as year after year

we grow like the flowers -
and I will have no fear for age nor death nor worry
for I will know - I have lived, and I have lived

with you
593 · Jun 2021
Andrew Jun 2021
I am trying to learn
how to smile

with a laugh and a
struggle, a thought
and a grin - I will learn
to smile

and again
strange days indeed
551 · Sep 2021
from the room across
Andrew Sep 2021
I know they love each other -
I can hear it
from the room across; those

muffled, rambling
conversations -
She takes the time
to talk
and he
takes the time to listen - laughter.

I'm sure they smiled, together -

I know they love each other, because
I can hear it, from here.
550 · Apr 2021
after today
Andrew Apr 2021
I thought it was supposed to get better
but instead

it just keeps getting worse
mmmm life kinda ***** right now
528 · May 2021
So little
Andrew May 2021
So little
is as perfect
as right now, and

so few things
are as wonderful
as it is

right now
524 · Jul 2021
i made this for you
Andrew Jul 2021
I hope you find a flower,
one that's very pretty

It doesn't need to be
any certain colour,
I just hope you like it

and I hope that flower
reminds you -
you found this pretty

and that is wonderful
515 · Jun 2021
Andrew Jun 2021
I wish to
lay down beside you
in the soft,
confines of your arms; never fearing, nor
never having to think,
to dream - How lovely
this all feels next to you
Andrew Sep 2021
I think

I think I would be happy
with just sitting


next to you
Andrew Sep 2021
the flowers

they sit in this air, chilly;
the wind
it blows, yet, just as the flowers move

I feel it upon my hair

upon my face,
upon my blue feet;

The trees they ask
Do you like how I move?

I ask the same

and I hear no answer -

I never have, yet, I ask
again; again -

There is a wind
and I feel it the same as
the trees; the flowers -
I feel this wind and I will feel it again;

when I will feel it again
469 · Sep 2021
She scratches at my head
Andrew Sep 2021
She scratches at my head
I’m scared you’ll come in
“Do not worry”, she tells me
“I am here but for a second”
Then why stop at all?
She pushes the hair behind her ear,

She is beautiful

“I am here because I wanted to be,
can you say the same?”

I scratch at my head

I really can’t say
other than it was nice
to be here with you
464 · Nov 2020
Any colour you like
Andrew Nov 2020
Any colour you like -
any piece of me
you see,
A shade so warm
in sunlight so barren -
I'd rather be blank
and drawn to be erased,
but here are my colours
in a landscape
painted and crafted
in beauty
453 · Jan 2022
Stacks of Old Paper
Andrew Jan 2022
There are stacks
          of old paper -
my old thoughts.

Rough and torn,
          there are many -
they tell my life.

On such old, sad
          ground - I walk;
I walked here many times.

Life will continue
           and continue
to stack - and I

will continue to write.
449 · Nov 2021
Andrew Nov 2021
and he asked me
Love - do you feel that for her?
and I, feeling my heart thump thump,
for the words to find themselves
for my breath to not stumble -

If we were to grow old,
I would gladly talk to her grave
until I was beside her
443 · Apr 2021
I look
Andrew Apr 2021
I look.

The branch curls upward.

It reaches the painted sky
far above where
I can ever be.

The leaves are green
and have just began
to bloom.

It is beautiful today.

I smile.
It is very pretty outside
Andrew Oct 2021
my dog has depression,
can’t drag itself out of bed; it lays in the kitchen and looks out the window,
wondering, worrying, whining about the light - about the window and the view; it never has
anything much to say,
or if it does,
it doesn’t amount to much, anyway; but it’s okay, it’s just my dog -
it’s not me, anyway; my dog has blue eyes - wish they were brown; all my friends have brown,
and they all seem happy; my dog can’t walk straight; it’s loud,
it’s annoying,
sometimes it smells; my dog, my dog, my dog, I tell you about my dog;
sometimes I think, it’s more important than me, I mean -
I’m not my dog, anyway; I’m not as interesting; I can’t come and say hello and all those things
that make you people smile and giggle and laugh; and when there’s a pause - a really awkward pause -
I can’t look at you
and have all that - your - worry just disappear, like that; I once screamed and howled and danced at
the moon, and my dog just - stared; but does it really matter - my dog was on a comfy bed, and
the way it sat; the same place where it sleeps -
I tell you about my dog,
I tell you about my dog;
I tell you about it all the time, for

I don’t know how to talk about

428 · Aug 2021
the art of making my bed
Andrew Aug 2021
It was hard waking up
today; I rolled over to the swirls
in my coffee - the swirls in my head -
I couldn’t - can’t - think straight; the world
was a blur and I was in the midst of those terrible, awful,
beautiful swirls.
I hate it,
when I feel this way - so slow, so tired -
a Puppet.
I suppose,
if nothing else - that is why these sheets
comfort me so; I am alone with my thoughts
- for better or worse -
as time guides my fragile hands to crease
and curl
what covers me whole;
I am learning to make my bed
so I can learn
to make myself.
404 · Apr 2021
When the lights are off
Andrew Apr 2021
Why do you scare me?

I'm not sure
and maybe
I won't ever be -

I push the soft confines
of the blanket
to cover me whole

I just wish you didn't

I hastily turn the light off
Andrew Jun 2021
I make my bed and brush my teeth

I hope it is sunnier tomorrow

I smile in the mirror but I still, cannot

I hope it is sunnier tomorrow

I drive somewhere, never knowing
why, and come home feeling

I hope it is sunnier tomorrow

I go to sleep and wake
only to find myself saying

I hope it is sunnier tomorrow
324 · Oct 2021
on the wires
Andrew Oct 2021
on the wires

they sit;
high above the rooftops

just barely above

the clouds - I squint my eyes - they are
dots on a line;

I can barely see them and yet,

I know what they are, and I know
what they can do - the window
frames them as so -

It is getting colder - I feel it
in the air; it will be time to return home


I will do so grudgingly -

but for now,
I watch those specks
and as I do,

I wonder

what it would be like to sit there among them
I really wanna move out of my house
324 · Apr 2021
Just a normal day
Andrew Apr 2021
We sat there

a divide between us

I didn’t know what to say
how to say it
or when to say it

so instead

I said nothing
293 · Sep 2020
From what I read
Andrew Sep 2020
If words were your dress
then I'd be a king,
sinking in your dazzling brilliance
as people came to look
and ponder
over what you just
285 · Mar 2021
Andrew Mar 2021
Do not fear her for her scars
or hate her
for how many times she has cried -

Love her
for she is broken,
respect her
for she has lived -
know that she is a mountain
that won't crumble
with tomorrow in mind
261 · Apr 2021
How it's going
Andrew Apr 2021
I want to die free
and not live caged;
a bird
a bird
a bird is free

Why can't I
be a bird?
256 · May 2021
and she told me
Andrew May 2021
it is
truly not as bad
as what it may seem

and I
believed her
254 · Jul 2021
new streets
Andrew Jul 2021
They bought a house -
I hope they live there awhile,

perhaps till they're old

and someday,
when that driveway is cracked
and the door needs fixing,
they can look out and say

I know I lived a good life
220 · Apr 2021
just a human
Andrew Apr 2021
Sometimes I'm happy
when I should be sad
and sometimes
I'm sad
when I should be happy
216 · Oct 2020
Andrew Oct 2020
Hold me a glass cup –
Something fragile seems too tough
For –
Wash the remains from
The clear insides

I will shatter
If dropped
210 · Jun 2021
to remove this dirt
Andrew Jun 2021
Snowflakes in
In grass

         Though the names
       and memories past,


your name
shall last
I was recently at a graveyard for family
Andrew Jan 2021
She closed the door gently then,
Shutting the space between
us then;
and then,

silence filled my head

not something quiet
or when thoughts come to talk,
but the silence that sits there
quietly as it knows,
something that was once there

is no longer here
206 · Sep 2021
All my life is buried here
Andrew Sep 2021
All my life is buried here:
beneath the sky
that I once dreamt as heaven,

I now state as lies.

Words are etched
but are slated with time
never staying long enough to be said

so that I can make it mine.

I wish to see you again
but I realize this isn’t how it goes –
for to have you is a crime

but to have known you,
is where the beauty shows
177 · Jan 2021
Be now.
Andrew Jan 2021
Be a kindergarten teacher
A Magician;
Be those things
That no one else would be
Tomorrow’s an option too
and they can be later -
Sleep outside.
Sleep with the window open.
Sleep on the floor
And imagine you’re the queen
That sails a ship into a thousand candy islands;
Imagine, imagine, imagine.
Drink coffee in the evening
And lose yourself in the swirls.

Be now.
116 · Nov 2020
Andrew Nov 2020
I'll love you
like an orange -

Something so easy
to handle,
so easy to
share -

A soft kind of love
that's already there,
that you just have
to take
the step
Andrew Feb 2022
Let me keep this simple - I do not
like my face, my hair, the veins that
pop and throb and burst from
my hands; I do not like my voice or
the way it sounds and scratches at
this air, this space, this empty layer
of skin and feelings that hang around
me like a bog. I woke in my ****, clawed
at my eyes to have them open; I banged
and shouted at my face to have it look
differently, slightly, highly better than
this but instead of doing as I commanded,
it stopped and smirked and smiled at me
with such god-awful bravado that as I turned
it barked at me from the glass bubble that
could so easily shatter, I know you - like no-
one else - and that scares me the most. I was
in a class, windows peaked open, and I
swore I heard a voice - it was my own.
I heard you, I heard you for the first time
then, but you did not say “I’m scared”, you
just told me, I know, I know, I know this
can be scary, but that is okay, that is
okay, you are okay.

I am okay.
111 · Jan 2022
she dances in the light
Andrew Jan 2022
she dances in the light -
I see the outline of her
move and undulate before me,

waves that never stop to crash
and a shore that never seems to leave -

she dances in the mirror -
I watch her shape before me
become clear and clearer in this light,

she smiles and I smile back -

a dance that I don’t want to stop
109 · Jan 2021
With the Ghosts
Andrew Jan 2021
We met
when the cold just began
to talk -
Our Conversations being carried
by the ghosts that sprang from
our words -
You left an imprint,
I'm afraid,
that will never seem to part -
I called you beautiful
and you never called me back;
and so now as I breathe
my lonely words,
No one's there to watch
my conversation carry away
with the ghosts
but like, why do first dates actually ****
101 · Sep 2020
As it so happens
Andrew Sep 2020
Beauty was her name
But deceiving
Were her looks,

Written on the seams
Of her well ironed dress,
Popping from the shine
Of her blood spattered

If I were a fool
Then they would call me a genius -
But because I knew her
I am nothing
But broken
idk why but I've been in a little bit of a rut recently, just haven't been feeling like myself
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