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Tyese Chumov Jun 2018
My oh My
How far we've come
from the ground to the tree
to the wind to the One

My gazing eyes
what beauty they see
my oh my...
it's you and me

The God we know is my solid stone
that has been by my side while you are gone

He keeps me patience
He sees my heart
I'm going to Him
when I feel weak
when I feel deep
because my oh my
He believes in me

and...He believes in you
because I pray for you
when all I wanna do
is walk up to you and say
'I love you'
Not giving up the hope in my heart. Not giving up on him. For God is with me, and knows He is above all this.
Tyese Chumov Dec 2017
You say her name
When you should have said mine
I still can't blame
You, I hold on all this time
Tyese Chumov Nov 2017
Once upon a time I believed
In a girl who had the allure
That was unattainable

Her form was pristine
Her back was a stick
Her eyes were like diamonds
Too pricey to trick

But the world crashed upon
Her, a collar was strapped
To the ways of this planet
Without even a glance back

Parents... a lie
Friends... a myth
Her secrets have closen
Her deep from within

No guy perhaps could save her still
there was nothing keeping her here
Her ways, her sway, her swagger walk
Took step by step until she stopped

At her own level of gaze and stayed
Watching and waiting for him to go away
He left, her alone, she eyed him still
For what can he do, is he in God’s will?
Tyese Chumov Nov 2017
If it happens for a reason. Every season in its season. But when your life is just beginning some parts of you are missing
Revisiting...the past's do’s and dont’s
How can a best friend be proud of me if God doesn't come first?
Can something be personal without it be taken personally?
May the Holy Spirit come over me
Tyese Chumov Nov 2017
Who starts their poems with their titles
With the S-e-x-y vile

The time to be and the time to see
Is f-o-r you, smile :)

The shyness is a means
To K-e-e-p hidden

Your thoughts and your desires
From this g-i-r-l’s vision

The outlook I have for you
Changes not. With time...

..Hopefully, you too can be
Lost in your own mind.

(Hold your tongue, and I cant press
The stress of a leaving set

Of memories, so fun you see
That only we possess)
Tyese Chumov Nov 2017
The timing
Then gaining
With a friend
At ease…
Keep searching

Our God
Our wings
Holds us
Gives us
Both you
And me

You’re living
Your life, my friend
I know you
Would love to
See me red again
Tyese Chumov Nov 2017
Her heels click like summer rain
Her ‘where’s’ and ‘goes’ are mixed

But then one step she takes afraid
Worried that she might slip

The toxic beauty, the fervent eyes
Whose touch is one so deep

That whoever sweeps this bride away
Is asking for no sleep.
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