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Alyan Khan Sep 7
only after living,
after loving, after leaving
I realized,
I don't belong to the world
where heart beats
where love treats

I belonged to the world
where nights are deep;
freedom to write,
and loneliness, a pride
Alyan Khan Sep 6
why do we fear
to say the things
we deeply care?
thoughts that eat us inside
nights that bring us tears

but then,
a solemn thing happens
there a time comes
you feel your own self
like a breeze touching your lips
nights illuminating your way;
and moon, your day

as if life welcomed you
once more;
or perhaps it was only you
who accepted life
once more
Alyan Khan Aug 25
the broken, the swelled
the shattered, the caged

there's an addiction
in grief
there's a pleasure
in sorrow
when you look back,
the past seems to follow

it never hides
it never did,
nor will it

even in the darkness
or in the night
in the hope,
and in the might
it never seems to hide

and you;
you are lost,
whether in the light;
in the hope,
or in the might
you were lost
looking for a ray of light
of hope, and of might
Alyan Khan Aug 25
why are these pages
when I see the stars,
why do they seem

are these tears,
or is it my heart?
is it really pain,
or merely burning
Alyan Khan Aug 25
aren't mountains
close to the moon;
far from everyone
Alyan Khan Aug 25
I ran out of tears
I greeted all my fears

I wish they live a life,
that's full;
without the care
without the worry
of the world,
and of me

I will be here though
wishing your problems go away
that happiness touches your frey
hoping that someday,
you miss me, too.
Alyan Khan Jul 23
as the night falls
neither white, nor black
old, or the new
my mind seems to turn grey

I wish I could fly away
I hope I find my way
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