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 Dec 2018 Alicia
Midnight Rain
last night i dreamt
a bullet escaped from your lips and
seared its head into
the crook of my neck
and i stood there in scarlet,
my last thought before i woke
painted my veins with life,

      “i will survive this.
                i will survive you.”

even in my dreams you are the death of me
 Nov 2018 Alicia
let love be sipped
drink from a heart
with a loosening grip
get drunk off detachment
on this transitory trip
 Nov 2018 Alicia
my mouth has been
filled with borrowed words
my lips stained with emotions
no Soul has ever heard
inspired by a life lived
beyond all of my touch
so i leave my heart in
the hands of the
Cosmic Clutch
i trust
where tears
from laughter
fight fear of crying
lingering with love
that never was dying
i am finding myself
between loss + lying

but still i’m here trying

b e c a u s e
this is what makes us human
in contrast to all that’s above
for this is everything that is
and all that ever was
 Nov 2018 Alicia
 Nov 2018 Alicia
Tell me how I keep finding you in places we've never been*?
 Nov 2018 Alicia
I've seen endless galaxies in her eyes,
And I have felt entire hemispheres
Hot and burning
Upon our lips,
The sun and the stars,
Consummating, constellating
Between her hips.
 Nov 2018 Alicia
suddenly i know
where you are on thursdays at 8 pm
the number of pillows in your bed
and what you and your grandma talks about

you only ever saw
the drawn out clothes in my wardrobe
and my hallway plant

all i craved
i got

and then
you left

back on the sofa
count the patterns on my wall

no, i know
it was what it was
nothing more
nothing less
i guess

but i rather not have this new knowledge
in the back of my chest
it interrupts my important plans
staring at the wall
 Dec 2016 Alicia
Ivory Grace
 Dec 2016 Alicia
Ivory Grace
I don't know where it started, or how it began, but here I am sinking deeper and deeper.
With every breath my lungs become heavier and I sink even further.
With the burden of you and all you do, it's like a chain with a weight is atteached to my ankle, sinking deeper.
What's that?
An oxygen tank, some air to finally breath.
Yet, the tank only has 5 minutes left
And I'm left sinking faster than ever
rock bottom
I don't really know
She was here
washing her face
yesterday morning,
years ago.
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