Jay Sep 14

picking up airwaves
from surface noice
reading music notation
from milk packets
with foreign symbols

faltering forward  

edges and paintings
all out of step
worlds in parallels
different precepts

i patiently waited

i never deliberated

colliding with someone oblivious cruising
the wrong lane
alongside me  

making me stumble
right over a frequency
harmonized with mine

so you are my
favourite radio-channel
and i cannot not adore you
i cannot pass you by

i'm not sure where
our harbour is

all i know is
we read notes
from packets
in the same language
you and i

and being with you
falls just as natural
as moving ahead

i always find it hard to wright about positive feelings but I'd like some poems to be of you
Jay Sep 11

you once said
rather cheat and loose
than win fair

always a liar

you were already underneath it
when I met you

laid down
for some time
the rain became dry

always needed something new
to speed it up

dig your own grave
when did you start

you would never
yet you do

back then
you couldnt care less
until I walked

despite all that
now and days we always smile when we come across

and somehow
everytime I see you
Im stunned by
how increadible beautiful
you are to me

still it always comes back to me
in the end

stay in touch you say
after holding my hand
always in the moment

my old love
you could go anywhere
and I hope you will

but for now
youre still under it, arent you

Jay Sep 11

I would like to paint the experience
the sun in your eyes
so bright
in contrast of the
green grass

I would like to paint the smell of you
the warm sun
flies whirring
your hand on my waste

would like to paint the feeling when you
kiss my neck
rest your cheek on my shoulder
and move your fingers across my hand

I would like to paint the beautiful image
of your smile
and voice
your face so close to mine

I would like to paint the trees with its long branches
surrounding us
making our view
so beautiful

I wonder what we would see
putting the  
sound of laughter
your hand in mine
beside, but outside, the picture
of the green grass
before our eyes

I wonder if you still would be swilled by
how beautiful it all is
I wonder if the sun and warmth would
feel through
knowing this image is what I saw
next to you

I would like to paint these feelings
so I always remembered

and every time in doubt
down or blue
return at this picture
and feel what I felt
when I was
beside you

Jay Sep 11

you can make even the greyest wall
gain colour

Jay Sep 10

crush me
and every word who stood a chance
shattered glas in your hands

paint it out
my empty wall
find the thread
behind it all

cut it off
slice it through
ruin everything
I was to you

talk me down
don't reminisce
I swear
it feels just like this

does he share  
your point of view?
and what the fuck
can I do?

- rumours

Jay Sep 10

for us
the sky
cries itself

resting in your eyes
are dreams
I never

in grey layers
we see it all
but nothing ever

the sky
cries itself

for us.

Jay Sep 6

i always keep my mind in the clouds
all i ever felt
preserved neatly inside of me
dying to wear out
dying to get out

filled with contrasts
bursting with pasts

i curse my abstruse heart

always so restless
always so incalculable

i envy you
at times

you have always been
all or nothing
black or white

once in
youre in it for the long run
and if you leave
youre not ever looking back

i remember how it used to scare me
being either one of those

the one you stayed for
the one you left behind

i do wonder
if you feel my uneven heart beat
when we lay still
or if your peaceful ways
smooths my irregular ways out

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