Jay Apr 10
in millions of years
archaeologist might stumble across
our ruins

causing scientist to write articles in illustrated magazines
theories absolve about the daily hustle and the upcome of this astounding structure
analysing the time it took to build it up

and most debated
what caused this city
to fall

ted talks might be made
seminaries held
books written about the findings
and fiction movies about the people in it

paintings of the sun
resting on our fallen streets
purchased and hung in bedrooms
in family homes

in time
tourists will walk across these grounds
on guided tours
special times during the day

after decades
most scientist will move on
only the most devoted ones will linger
'we can only guess' they will say
appearing in interviews from time to time
'because the only ones who knew
are long gone.

left are only ruins of the past
and forgotten dreams of a once so cherished future'
i know we saved what we could for a possible future but there is a devastating good chance we may not ever return to us
Jay Apr 10
let me

speak my
autumn leaves
and the consequences of their

of naked pale trees

talk calmly  
to the melted snow flakes
revolutionise with the icy wind

purl alongside spring fishes

breathe dense air
down my sore chest

let me
confess my

make peace
at last
with the
shifting of seasons
Jay Mar 1
create clouds
out of pebbles
hang myself to dry
on a silver lining

return to pasts
in their long lost shadows

move myself with it
as it shifts
with the sun

in my garden
linger on the scent
from my newly planted
Jay Feb 12
i dreamt of you tonight

you were getting married
we were invited
all your friends

and i felt happy for you
after all
it made me calm
seeing your bliss

when greeting us
you wouldn't meet my eyes

was it pity you felt?

because despite it all
i was history
and you were finally beginning your
Jay Feb 1
i can't believe we're talking about
not being us

everyone i ever met
wanted something out of me

you're the only one who loved me more

no love that made you want to
hurt me
control me
own me

you simply loved me

what will we be apart?
Jay Jan 30
i long to be her
the one you used to touch

we never
found eachother
despite our desperate dreams

we never
got eachother
(understood or to keep)

but sometimes
i want to be there
seventeen again

driven crazy by your gaze
wondering about your silence
analysing your texts

your lips on my shoulder
falling fifteen stores
by your touch
swept off my feet

but never
figuring eachother out

i never did
get (to) you
Jay Jan 24
if you erased all words
cleaned the paper
blank again  

would the feelings
still breathe
in the paper

you know like secrets do
in air  
between the meaningfull gaze
of two close friends
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