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Adriean New Oct 2014
You toss & turn at night
Trying to find comfort.
You think you got it till
Your body aches.
You realize why the
Comfort isn't there.
It's because no one is
in that bed.
No ones there to comfort
Your head.
No one is there to save you from
Those bad dreams.
No ones there to steal the night.
We toss & turn & fight at night.
Adriean New Sep 2014
You see these little lines?
You stop to think what those are from.
You think you know but you're unsure.
You want to ask but you know what it's like.
We don't talk about it.
You know they aren't just scars.
You know they're the demons I fought
at 3 a.m.
You know they are my deepest insecurities & fears.
You know want to ask but you know what it's like.
We as people never wanted to feel this.
No one understands unless they know what those little lines are.
You don't have to ask because you know exactly what they are.
You are, I am, we are...
Adriean New Sep 2014
I remember
Those brown eyes
I had a dilemma for almost an entire day
Is this love?
I lay down on my bed
Just thinking of that girl
These thoughts were a wonderful escape from the present
She ran through my mind
Spun dreams of
Wanting her. & those brown eyes
I started to think..
Details upon details, playing with the fragments of my dreams.
Adriean New Sep 2014
I need a light on when I sleep.
It's because I'm surrounded by darkness & I'm scared it'll swallow me up if I step out of this light.
I feel the pain taking over my body.
I feel the pain sinking into my veins. I'm barely hanging on to the last bit of the light you once gave me.
But darling you're gone & all I feel is that darkness over my body.
You've created this darkness & now this darkness is me.
Lonely. Darkness. Covered me up like a sea washing over me.
I'm not who I was before & you're to thank for that.
Covers you up. You're a whole new you.
Adriean New Sep 2014
I think our eyes play tricks on us.
Am I really seeing her with bruises?
Am I really seeing that man sleeping on the street?
Am I really seeing her arms marked like tally marks on a test?
I think our eyes play tricks on us.
Or am really hearing silence in the family home that should be filled with laughter.
Or am I really seeing the kid at school wearing the same things over & over?
I don't think our eyes play tricks on us.
I think our eyes see the truth of our world.
Adriean New Aug 2014
Don't you hear the sound of my voice
that I'm tired.
The voices in your head tell me to
stop but all I do is run.
Im tired.
I want to stop
& walk
& talk about the pain
in our hearts because I
assure you're not alone.
Rescue me from the deep trench
Ive sunk myself into.
I dug myself into to.
Adriean New Aug 2014
You're nothing but
Broken promises
Broken dreams.
You're nothing but
a liar
A cheater.
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