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The World’s perception of Christianity
is generally, an unimpressed disappointment;
we’re viewed as a collection of mongrel mutts,
housed at the local dog pound, foolishly
chasing rainbows for our lost contentment.

Although we’re not domesticated watchdogs,
collared and chained to the Master’s table
while begging for spiritual scraps of Faith,
they believe that we’re hoping for crumbs
to overcome a meager existence, simply unable

to grow and mature with the King’s wisdom.
If we’re not progressing with our victories
and experiences of success, the World’s view
and attitude will not change; therefore, we
need to develop our Faith and testimonies.
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Matt 15:27; Mark 7:28; Rev 12:11

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
Adelle Stone Oct 2016
Rain drops
Cookie dough
red 1/5
blue 1/5
bippity boppity boo
everybody clap your hands
Quite atrocious
To Infinity, and BEYOND
This is my
Lewis Carroll like
Dumbledore Approved
Because I can
And that's that
Adelle Stone Oct 2016
Once upon a time
or "Once upon a Midnight Dreary
As I pondered Weak and Weary"
I thought of life and of a great many things
I thought of who I thought he was
He charmed me
And half the other girls
My best friend was right
I didn't listen
I could only think maybe
just maybe
I could finally have a chance at what seemed everyone else had
I was wrong
Dreadfully wrong
He told me stories of what he "Used" to be
I was blinded
I didn't think of consequences
He charmed me
and when I couldn't be with him
He dropped me
Not a few days later
I find he is with someone else
He never liked me
He fooled me
But I thank him
For he opened my eyes
That maybe, someone else cared for me  
Someone who wouldn't just flatter and move on
Somone who I didn't see until now
And surprisingly this boy
When he came and went
Gave me hope
Adelle Stone Sep 2016
Bold Oranges
Crisp, clean air
The remains of Summer
A short, quick breath of Winter
Warm hoodies
Those crunchy leaves
The brightly painted sky
Smells of spices
Apple cider
Dressing up
Free candy
Adelle Stone Sep 2016
The Rabbit Hole, for me
is not a place that people normally think it is
It's apartment complex doesn't hold Mary Jane
The Golden Girls
or Aunt Nora
Nor does it serve biker's coffee
or electric Kool-Aid
It doesn't powder their doughnuts with angel dust
No, it isn't for me
But my rabbit hole is hell enough for me
My rabbit hole houses an angry mother
a disappointed father
Friends who stare, but don't speak
It serves missing assignments I swore I did
A cup full of stress, fresh from 5 months ago
A glass half empty with tears
And I can't escape
I'm stuck there
With chains round my ankles
Every mistake adds another one
Pulled tighter by the people housed there
Freedoms lost
And the top of the rabbit hole closes
Sorry, I know its not very good, and it probably will get deleted, but I just needed a place to vent
You are either going to love this one or hate it, though I know what I am voting for, see, because they talk about curiosity, but I am curious about you.
I’m curious how you got the moon to pair with your eyes making them so big bright and beautiful.
I’m curious how you know what to say to make me smile, how you know exactly what to say to make my insecurities go away.
Like how can you know me so well, and make my heart swell, and make it so hard to tell you, that I might have a thing for you.
I’m curious on how your smile resembles the face of god, how perfect people are not supposed to exist, but yet here you are.
I’m curious to know how such a person like you could even stand to talk to a person like me.
Yeah, and I want to know how you make my heart flutter, and how every time we talk you always end up making me stutter,
and I am curious to know how you got so good at being so cute. You are always telling me that taking risks is a good thing, and this, this is my risk. I am opening my heart, and pouring my soul onto this page, and I am preparing to sink or swim.
I want to know how my mind is always so confused when I’m with you, and I am curious if there is some way that these emotions are mutual. Because *** right now I got a lot of kids wondering, A. Who’s he talking about * B. this is awkward and strange, or C. this is terrible.*
But for everyone else, please forgive me, but this is necessary. This is the only way I could think of telling her I think I like her. See, I know I’m not really a likable guy, but girl I am telling you, you are able to make me fly. I believe in everything when you’re around. It’s like your laugh is fuel, and your smile is the plane, your feet must be hurting, because you run marathons through my brain. I can’t quite make sense of this feeling, but believe me, I am telling you, you are perfect in every way. It tears me when you give in to your insecurities because there is so much I can tell you to build you up, but I’m scared. Your truth is beautiful. I love you for you, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m just scared because this feeling is fragile, and like glass, it can break quickly. But I need to tell you this, and I know this isn’t much but this is my truth. If I could spill out my heart on this page, I would, but the ink would smear.
I’m curious how your night was, I care about your emotions, I carry your words with understanding. I want to tell you straight up, but my smile might fade, and a lot of people are probably going to through me shade for this, but this is worth the humiliation and teasing, I am willing to do this, put myself down like this for you. I am telling you my genuine feelings for you, standing here feeling like I am back in elementary passing notes asking you to check yes or no. I want you so bad, but I am scared because as I am speaking, you are here listening to me. For all I know you could be examining my flaws, but I hope that you are hearing this, and knowing that this is your poem.
I am curious to know how you are able to inspire me so much to do something as crazy as this. It’s easier to talk about depression or abuse, but this is the cheesy roses are reds violets are blue thing, but wait, I got a good ending for that one, too! It’s like roses are red, violets are blue, but not a flower brighter than my feelings for you. I know this poem is not perfect, but I am trying because you are the definition of perfection. I trust you with this, I trust that you know who you are. This flow of words can be dedicated to you. This is my roundabout way of telling you, I like you.
So I’m curious to know,
*If you could somehow like me too.
I am submitting this to perform at the end of the month.
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