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Adelle Stone Jul 2016
You can do
99 things
You can hug
And share with someone
But they will only
You didn't kiss them
You can do the dishes
And clean the kitchen
But they will only
You didn't wash the cupboards
Adelle Stone Sep 2016
Bold Oranges
Crisp, clean air
The remains of Summer
A short, quick breath of Winter
Warm hoodies
Those crunchy leaves
The brightly painted sky
Smells of spices
Apple cider
Dressing up
Free candy
Adelle Stone Jan 2017
Everything around me is gray
People phase in and out
Friends just kinda are there
Your family stands in the background
Like an old, grainy, black and white picture
Rain falls in time with your tears
Who can tell you're even there
Like a ghost you flit in and out of life
A spectator to everything
Participant in nothing
Life just seems...kind of bland
Hey guys, sorry I haven't written in a while. Life has been kind of hectic.
Adelle Stone Sep 2016
The Rabbit Hole, for me
is not a place that people normally think it is
It's apartment complex doesn't hold Mary Jane
The Golden Girls
or Aunt Nora
Nor does it serve biker's coffee
or electric Kool-Aid
It doesn't powder their doughnuts with angel dust
No, it isn't for me
But my rabbit hole is hell enough for me
My rabbit hole houses an angry mother
a disappointed father
Friends who stare, but don't speak
It serves missing assignments I swore I did
A cup full of stress, fresh from 5 months ago
A glass half empty with tears
And I can't escape
I'm stuck there
With chains round my ankles
Every mistake adds another one
Pulled tighter by the people housed there
Freedoms lost
And the top of the rabbit hole closes
Sorry, I know its not very good, and it probably will get deleted, but I just needed a place to vent
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
They help you in tough places
When you're stuck between a rock and a hard place
The frying pan and the fire
They make you glow
They boost your self confidence
They encourage you
At least
That's what they are supposed to do
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
The walls
The walls they close
Useless, chaotic, rhythms
Closely packed
My heart
Faster and faster
Running and running
Cold and clammy
Wanting to run
To get out
Adelle Stone Aug 2016
I try to be nice
With parents gone
I'm in charge
If three kids
And 8
12 and 10 fight like there is no tomorrow
Mean words bandied about like swords
Me and 8 trying to break it up
Seeming like the bad guy
Parents not fixing it
Someone always gets hurt
I'm done
I can't handle it anymore
I seem like the bad guy to 8 as well
My youngest brother
I can't do anything right
Sisters getting mad when I can't fix it
And I can't
I'm just a kid
I can't
Adelle Stone Apr 2017
How are you?
Is heaven as good as they say?
I know you left me nine years ago
But, It was my birthday
So I thought I should write
Are there plenty of fishing holes?
How's Grandma doing?
I miss you.
I think about you all the time
I lay in my bed and think of all the fun we had
I miss you so much
I miss the way you smelled like strong coffee
The light scent of Grandma's tobacco
Your tan skin speckled with spots
Your silver hair
The watch that was twice the size of my wrist
The oil spots on your clothes
The dust on your boots
The grey plaid cowboy shirt
With the pearly snaps
How tall you were
Your hands held up against mine
Calloused and huge
But warm
Your raspy but soothing voice
The way you lifted me up
The way you read silly story books to me
Made me giggle like crazy
How you encouraged me
Gave me Catapillar trucks for Christmas
How immovable, and solid
You seemed
I remember the day you cam home with a broken leg
They don't know how or why you went
They said the brain
I say it was the heart
I miss you
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
When you leave
Your insides
Are ripped to shreds
If you leave the people
That you love
You shatter
Like a mirror
You want to
And cry in
Until eventually
You glue yourself together
You are never
The same
You have the scars
Good or bad
To show for it
But you eventually
Come back together
Adelle Stone Feb 2017
I listen to Lost Boy
I sit
Halfway in tears
Remembering past times
Thinking about life
Last year
Sitting with my best friend
On the football field
Talking about music
As the sunlight kissed our skin
Running through the sprinklers laughing
Listening to the song
Talking about life
Where did you go?
I miss you.
I see you
But no longer know you
Longing for Peter Pan
To pick me up
Fly me away
To better times
And my friend
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
My stomach
My face
I can't help it
I don't want to
Blue grey eyes
Red lips
Slow, gentle smile
I don't want to
Or crush
I am scared
I want to run
But I *don't
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
I am
A nerd
Or geek
But I accept that
It took a while
But I do
So whenever you use this as an insult
Just remember
I will take it as a compliment
This is me
How I describe myself
My adjectives
It took a while for me, but I finally found a friend who accepted who I was and didn't judge me for it. She is my best friend, and she helped me to accept myself to.
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
My brain
As a child
Was immaculate
Stored facts
Everything was in its place
I talked to grow ups with confidence
I never shirked
In myself
At my insolence
Would tell me to go away
To go play with other kids my age
I tried
And tried
And tried again
But they deamed me
I couldn't talk to them
About things I
I stopped
I tried my best to become
My brain
No longer immaculate
All to make them
Like me
I grew shy
Bowed my head when
I spoke
I no longer aproached
Grown ups
Yet still
I was now too
And with ought confidence
For them
What had I
I destroyed
Myself for them
And I
Got nothing
In return
Adelle Stone Oct 2016
Rain drops
Cookie dough
red 1/5
blue 1/5
bippity boppity boo
everybody clap your hands
Quite atrocious
To Infinity, and BEYOND
This is my
Lewis Carroll like
Dumbledore Approved
Because I can
And that's that
Adelle Stone Aug 2016
they came back*
My nightmares
Ever since I was little
They haunted me
The old lady in the house atop the hill
The killer who used a hook
To Mix and pull my brains
The man whose eyes were burned
The lady in the shadow
Whose claws would come to get me
The blood red dragon
Atop his piles of treasure
The poisoner
The man in a glowing blue orb
Who struck me down by lighting
The goblin
Who pulled me wing by wing
The cliff
Whose edge I fell
The box which let me down through
spiraling colors
Each time
I relive them
Sometimes knowing I'm dreaming
And not being able to get out
The terror the same, sometimes larger
Than the last
My nightmares came back....and I keep thinking they are going to jump at me round every dark corner....
Adelle Stone Nov 2016
I think of Him
Of what He has done for me
He brought me up when I was down
He Comforted me
Never abandoned me
So this
This is my poem
Of Thanks
Adelle Stone Jun 2017
Long days
Short nights
Fireflies float the dark sky
A breeze gently swaying trees
Stars glitter in formation
Smoke curly softly through the air
Sparks sending shivers through my spine
Summer is finally here...oh how I needed it
Adelle Stone Feb 2018
You know that feeling in your stomach?
Not butterflies
The other kind
The kind that sits in your stomach
Like a rock
The kind you get
With guilt
And regret
That feeling
Adelle Stone Aug 2016
When everything goes wrong
Just makes the time when
Everything goes right
That much sweeter
Adelle Stone Oct 2016
Once upon a time
or "Once upon a Midnight Dreary
As I pondered Weak and Weary"
I thought of life and of a great many things
I thought of who I thought he was
He charmed me
And half the other girls
My best friend was right
I didn't listen
I could only think maybe
just maybe
I could finally have a chance at what seemed everyone else had
I was wrong
Dreadfully wrong
He told me stories of what he "Used" to be
I was blinded
I didn't think of consequences
He charmed me
and when I couldn't be with him
He dropped me
Not a few days later
I find he is with someone else
He never liked me
He fooled me
But I thank him
For he opened my eyes
That maybe, someone else cared for me  
Someone who wouldn't just flatter and move on
Somone who I didn't see until now
And surprisingly this boy
When he came and went
Gave me hope
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
People just don't know
The effect
Uttered from first to last
Not talk

— The End —