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Words were not required to convey the message held within.
The warmth of your touch when your hand held mine
Just easily melted my frozen heart.

The moment was so perfect, so magical
That felt like all the stars aligned for us
And the universe conspired in our favor,
Allowing two souls to meet in a chance encounter.

©Penchie Limbo
Her smell still lingers in my sweat shirt. The smell of lilac flowers on a light summers breeze. Her smell in which I could tell it was her even if her arms wrapped around from behind me. Small as a snack, but her eyes as deep as a ocean. Her lips as luscious and soft as a velvet pillow. Her skin as light and smooth as moonlight. The way her eyes dance in the bright morning sun, the way her hair looks when my fingers run through it.
"WOW!! How do you write like this?"

"I don't write like anything. I just let out my inner thoughts."

"But your wording...!"

"My wording is my hopes and dreams."

"But the stories..!"

"Those stories are either true situations or the scenes that play out in my mind."

"I've never seen anything like it, though!"

"Maybe not. Doesn't mean you won't see it again."

"Why are you acting like your aren't any good at it?!"

"Because it took 9 years of bullying and acting like I am a **** to give me the writing material. 9 years of lonliness with only books and poems too accompany me. 9 years of taking in every detail and memorizing every aspect of stories new and old. 9 years of sitting by myself. And now the people who caused my problems want to compliment me."

"I am so sorry."

"No your not. Not for me. Your sorry because you realize you outcasted yourself from me. You now regret every time I gave you another chance and you back stabbed me."
Actual conversation I had with a past bully.
 Jan 2018 Adelle Stone
he'll call you pretty
he'll capture you with the sparkle of his brown eyes
and melodic laugh that'll ring in your ears for days
after the moment passed

things will escalate
your heart will race each time you hear his name
you'll admit to liking him
he'll say he feels the same

his lips will taste like honey
you'll love the taste, it'll be your  new favourite flavour
but honey gets too sickly when you eat too much

he'll call you good girl
then you'll realise,
you're not the only one who's been eating honey.
My smile is a mask
Hiding way more than you think
Shielding away a painful past
But if you look closer
Past my disguise
Past my smile
You will see my eyes
And if you look deep inside them
You will in fact see
That eyes don't hide
The pain that's cut deep
Build memories.
They create
And inspire poetry.

Shared between us
Are made up of different

These elements
Are those of truth
And honesty.
Words spoken by you
And understood by me.

These moments
Create happiness.
They are the building blocks
Of our love.

Don’t forget
The memories
They create.

Because these memories
Are great,
And will shape
Our relationship’s fate.

One may read this,
And say “She’s talking in circles!”
But I will laugh at them,
And continue writing the poem.

Are like newborn babies.
You need to care for them,
And live in the present with each one.

If you look away,
The moments,
The memories,
The baby’s childhood
Will fade.

These moments
Created by our words
And actions
Will only be special
If we look back on them
And smile.

For each moment
We share,
I do not dare
Consider them

I’ve been in love before,
But never have moments of love
Been more special and true
Than the ones I’ve had
With my love for you.
 Jan 2018 Adelle Stone
Caleb John
This world is full of people seeking truth
What truth?
Truth that is supported by evidence
I find it odd that even when given the evidence
People still refuse
To believe
The evidence is all around us
In blood cells
Inside the leaves that dance in the wind
It is evident that he wrote the very laws of nature
The world is to complex
Too large
To be an accident
Through all of this evidence
The Bible still says to walk by faith
I walk by faith because that is what the Bible says
It is not a blind faith
It is faith based off of all the times He proved he was with me and for me
It is by faith I will walk and not by sight
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