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 Jun 2019 Lyla
Under Pressure
 Jun 2019 Lyla
I can’t decide
if I’m comforted by the fact
that every thought  
I’ve ever had
has probably been had

And I don’t know
which is worse
That we are, perhaps
not special at all
Or that we incredibly,
June 21, 2019
 Jun 2019 Lyla
 Jun 2019 Lyla
Is this the life you want?
Is this what you wanna settle for?
Are you happy? Are you sad?
Are you depressed? Are you mad?
You smile on the outside but are you smiling internally?
Are you willing to admit you’re not okay?
I know you’re sad but is it worth throwing your life away?
Will it bring you peace or just ease the pain?
When the sky sheds a tear, will your tears get washed in the rain

Decide if you wanna live or give up
be happy or let others control your emotions
If you wanna be better or stay the same
Cry every night or smile like it’s no tomorrow
******* to evil or cut at your sorrow
Happiness or Misery, the choice is up to you
but your decision won’t be just affecting you

Poetic Venom

— The End —