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A Jan 2021
I wonder if occasionally
we gaze up
in synchronicity
at the same night sky
as we lead
our own separate lives
A Jan 2021
sometimes there is no closure
though it makes your heart rupture
and your blood scream
you must close the door yourself
A Jan 2021
she will not be your
your quarantine hit of dopamine

she deserves melodies
not staccato notes
pecked upon piano keys
by hands you’ll never let her hold
without recoiling

she deserves poetry
not slippery lines
dripped from lips like water
from a broken faucet

she knows better
she knows
is the only thing
that broken things
know how to do
A Dec 2020
how can it be
that a chapter
so surreal to live
so surreal to leave
on the subject of 2020 drawing to a close
A Dec 2020
I wonder if the
leaves fear the autumn
of their youth in the same way
that I fear mine Or if they fall
in confidence shedding dead
weight and faulty fears






on the subject of aging (and the societal pressure put on women to stay forever young)
A Dec 2020
Equal parts with you
and without
How many more choices
till our chances
run out

Jump with me now
I don’t care if we break
But you don’t

so I won’t
July 10, 2018
A Dec 2020
wine so sweet
at twenty- three
has since turned to water
that tastes of concrete

and I can’t turn back time
like I can no longer find
a backroad to take home

take me home.
December 28, 2017
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