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 May 2020 Lyla
Cody Smith
 May 2020 Lyla
Cody Smith
Dessicated heart, muted, hard and empty. It used to flow like a river but now the riverbed is dry and cracked. Dead memories fossilized beneath the surface. Disused, misused. Refused and tossed in the refuse.

Petrified eyes, dull and sad. Peril and pain trapped inside them like insects in amber. Unblinking, unflinching, unwanted moments in time preserved. Broken and stuck wide open.

Dilapidated brain, drained of pleasure and replaced with pain. Pickled and soaking in brine. Asemic thoughts frantically racing between spasming synapses.

Porcelain mind, painted with ash. Cracked open and split in two. Halves of the whole gently rocking on the floor. Patiently waiting to be still.

Soul and soma stuck within a waking coma.
A corpse in cologne,
A sweet aroma.
 Oct 2019 Lyla
 Oct 2019 Lyla
I’ve been trading my love for attention
and because I’ve been treating this like a transaction
maybe it’s not really love I’m giving.
Attention is still my drug of choice
and I need it
to fill this empty pit in my soul
called Neglect.
There is never enough to fill it,
never enough to soothe my nerves,
never enough to convince me
you really love me.
Copyright © 2019 Mariah Simpson All Rights Reserved
 Oct 2019 Lyla
Sophie Donnelly
It's dark in the wild searching
For my inner child
As i lay my sins down
Onto the ground
I'm trying to run
But i can't help still holding on
To the thread
And the voice driving me to insanity
That only lives inside my head.
 Aug 2019 Lyla
Zoe Grace
Is it possible
To smile and frown
At the same time?
For that is the emotion i feel.
My constantly mixed emotions continue to baffle me.
 Aug 2019 Lyla
Dennis Willis
Look it
the **** up

I just did

Feel that
like an angry poem

crawling up your

it wants out
and into

your ear
cover 'em

retch into night
small words

their letters

and you know
these hands

don't you
know this soul

wannabe wretched
in ease


a sandwich
only i can eat

you are not

may never 'ave been


I will be
here soon

i only hope
for you

to someday
be struck

as i've been
become bereft

as i am
of yesterday's content

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
 Jul 2019 Lyla
 Jul 2019 Lyla
I dreamed we were
running through puddles
and laughing.
When I opened my eyes,
I reached out for you in the dark.
My hand hit the back of the couch
and, for a minute,
I forgot where I was.
I forgot that you’re gone.
Copyright © 2019 Mariah Simpson All Rights Reserved
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