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 May 2020 iano
Sarah Oppenheimer
It’s hard for me to open up
My heart usually reserved
Because bolted down by lock and key
Is how I stay preserved

For every part I’ve given away
There’s less of me to share
The curse to want to give myself
Is past what I can bear

I gave away my oxygen
Now it’s hard for me to breathe
What point is there in loving you
When tomorrow you could leave

Maybe someday you’ll look inside
And know every part of me
But until proven otherwise
I guard my lock and key
 May 2020 iano
 May 2020 iano
I have met love behind a blaze of fire
A pretty face bathed in warm light;
glowing like beacon
in the stillness of the night
Then came her gaze
like a peaceful lightning strike

Veiled in modesty
as she appears in plain sight
She, a velvety sculpture
yet rigid to touch
A shallow man is nothing
but a fool to her desires
I have met love
and her heart burns with mine
Inspired from the movie "Portrait of a Lady on Fire"
 May 2020 iano
 May 2020 iano
Self-loathing finally came to an end,
the stranger in the mirror is now my friend
 May 2020 iano
First love
 May 2020 iano
As I weave a wave of surprise for him
I could hear my heart accelerate with excitement never seen before
As though it had been running a race
It beats as if it would explode of emergency
Just something we all have felt atleast once.

— The End —