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Alexandria Oct 19
His grip so tight that it left marks on my skin,
that's been pale for as long as I can remember
Its now the darkest shade of red,
as dark as it can get.
I should probably be searching
for a way to escape, But here I am standing still
like a statue bearing all that pain,
unable to find my voice,
unable to regain my strength.
Got inspired from a fanfiction i read on twt
Alexandria Jul 11
Why do all my poems sound like a cry for help?
Like iam so desperate for someone to come and save me
Is that normal
Or have I become abnormal?
Alexandria Jul 11
It hurts when I breathe,
Like my lungs no longer wanna take air in
It's painful, it hurts, even when I lie down
Dark circles won't go away,
Pimples and acne just doesn't leave,
Legs ache, they gave up on me
Tummy growls, in hunger or anger I am yet to discover,
I am loosing hair, I am loosing my mind
Skin too dry, yet not dead
Most of all my heart feels too heavy,
Like my entire weight is balanced on that tiny little flest smaller than the palm of my hand.
I kinda feel all of this now or it is just me feeling tooo empty that Iam starting to find fault in everything?
Alexandria Jul 11
The longer it takes for you to fall,
Deeper will your fall be.
Alexandria Jun 27
That's what I was for them,
a doll to play with,
a doll to throw away when unwanted
and take back when needed
I got angry,
they pretended to be nice,
I let them do what they like,
but again they made me the doll
Never was my feelings considered
What feelings could a doll have,
they might have thought
Not their fault cause I stood there,
for years being their doll,
even when I could have ran,
I didn't
But now I am going to,
I no longer will be the doll,
go find a new one to play with and throw around
why do people think I am easy to make fun of just because I don't insult them back?
Alexandria Jun 27
She bled not through the holes in her,
but through the lines she wrote
She let it all out
emptying herself of pain,
devoid of emotions
The paper took it all from her,
her true companion
listened to her all day long,
comforted her,
and finally was burned in the fire
along with her own blood.
This is not how i wanted this poem to end but this is all i can feel and think of.
Alexandria May 26
I did it first
She copied mine
But hers was better

It ******, it felt terrible
to see her get all the credit
Maybe it was just jealousy

But still it hurt!
when i was in 5th std for a hw in one subject we had to draw a pic and color it so i tried to draw something and colored it in a special way one of my classmates said it looks good and she did the same but the completed work was better for her cause hers looked more smoother than mine in the end everyone complemented her ,that time it hurt but now when i look back may be it was just my jealousy seeing her get all the appreciation
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