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Alexandria Feb 2
Dear love
You gave me warmth
In the cold rains of August
Covering me in your strong embrace
You protected me against the wind,
the thunder and the floods
You were the beautiful spring that bought joy to my dry winter
You were the sun that went down
So that I could watch the moon glow
You were everything I wished I could be
You showed me stars in the August sky
My August has now become our August
You have become a part of my own day and night
You have become a part of my hours, minutes and seconds
But when the winds started to become unbearable for you
You left me to tend to myself
Still I wont complain
I wont curse
I wont grumble
Thank you for giving me
The love of February
The heat of May
The cold of December
All in August
Thank you for being my August love
this is more like a letter than a poem. all the seasons mentioned are based on Indian time zones. please do read and let me know your opinions through comments .
Alexandria Jul 2019
The nation called itself secular
But I was born with a religion
tattooed on my forehead

Being a female they said I have rights
But because I was a female
I was abandoned

As a human I have the right to live
But I don't remember
The last time I felt alive

Does my hunger and agony
Pain the one who made the rights?
Would the abuse thrown at me

Make me a victim
Who can atleast claim
For her basic human rights?

No rights ever written down
Showed men to be the one
With crown and honor

Yet, I was put below his feet
To be violated and humiliated
Where was my rights

When I was locked up
Away from the light of knowledge
Away from the world of wisdom

In a little cage with bars
That do not bend
Rights always existed
But they were never right themselves
I wrote this during my English period. The teacher was taking about gender inequality and suddenly I felt like writing down some points that came to mind. After some editing this is the final product.
Alexandria Feb 2019
The agony in me
Enough to burn a being alive
Enough to turn hell over

The pain in me
As a truck passed over me
As I have been stabbed all over

The hatred in me
Capable of cursing the one who gave me birth
Capable to taking my own life

When will it all end
When will I be set free
From this world of pain and misery
From the hell that pretends to be heaven
Alexandria Feb 2019
Reflecting on the memories
That can always be cherished

Never giving up though replaced
By a fairer colour

Long forgotten teachings
Lay hidden in me

My beauty
Runs down the memory lane
Wrote this for a competition. Results aren't out yet. Hope it's good.
Alexandria Dec 2018
I have done nothing
Nor have I achieved anything
Worthy of being praised

I feel empty
Like I have lost myself
My body no longer belongs to me

All I ever do is breathe
What if I stopped breathing

These thoughts fill my head
They have taken control over me

Give me something to do
Something to hold onto
Something to live for
A reason to breathe
It's been a long time since I wrote something and when I wrote this I found the reason why I was not able to write till now.
Alexandria Jul 2018
Simply put
Its just you being you
Something short and simple but has a lot of sense and importance for me.
Alexandria Jul 2018
I miss her
More than I should
More than I usually do

No she isn't dead
Just far away from me
We never had the best relationship

But we were close
When we started becoming closer
Its time to seperate

Yes we have stayed seperated
But i always knew
She would come back to me

But this time i feel lost and lonley
I talk to her daily
I tell her about my day  

But its not even close
To how it feels
When she sits there

On a chair in front to me  
Ready to listen
To all my blabbering

And yes this time
I really miss her
And wish if she was near.
Mom i couldnt and can  never tell you all this looking at you so iam writing it down hoping that some day u will see this ,someday u will read this .
Miss u a lot.
With lots of love
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