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William 7d
Her heart beats in my chest

The way she smells is intoxicating

The way she feels invades my mind

If I wake tomorrow and she is gone

I will be happy to have dreamed a perfect dream

Her skin is as soft as silk

The way her eyes shine melts my heart

The way her lips taste is addictive

If she is nothing more than a dream

I hope I never wake
William 7d
He sits at the end of the bar

Wondering how he got this far

A life he lived so full of sin

Hidden behind his glass of gin

He stirs the ice with a wrinkled hand

Life had not gone as he planned

It all seemed to be in vain

Filled with nothing but pain

He takes a sip of relief

Trying to drown the grief

The memories fill his head

All the things he should have said

A glass now drained

A soul forever stained
William 7d
Notes scribbled on paper
Glances across the class
A simple smile, A stolen heart
Love used to be easy

Holding hands in the hall
Names scribbled on test
A table at lunch, A ride after class
Love used to be easy

Dinner with your parents
Trip to visit mine
A fight tonight, A fight tomorrow
Love used to be easy

William 7d
My heart was always soft
Malleable in a way to match
Your twisted hands

But you squeezed to tight
And my clay heart crumbled
So much for your work of art

She tried to scrape up the scraps
That you left splattered across the room
But in every piece was your fingerprint

Forever a reminder that you were first

— The End —