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  Nov 2014 kRose
Every word has
a pulse. Every poem
has a heartbeat* ~
  Nov 2014 kRose
Hannah Holliday
Your story was never mine to tell, I was always just a stranger to you.
kRose Nov 2014
have the devils eyes
and a smile that could ****
one look at you
makes me want to
commit a thousand sins
give you my soul
walk through your fire
do every
single thing to you
that your
body desires
  Nov 2014 kRose
Pelvic bone to pelvic bone
We are fused together.
Some type of warped conjoined twin syndrome.
Chin to chin.
Lip to lip to lip to lip.
Our lips are touching but we are not kissing.
Cheek to cheek.
Fingertips scarping against fingertips.
There’s a theory in physics
That states
You are never really touching anything,
Only the space in between.
Sometimes I think we are the very definition of this theory.
We push closer
But we never touch.
I cannot feel your kiss pressing up against my neck.
I cannot feel your teeth tugging at the skin on my collarbone.
I cannot feel your saliva intermingling with my own.
You are sitting next to me on the couch
But I do not feel
The bend your body makes.
I do not feel the dip of cushion.
Your hand is nothing more than
An anchor keeping me grounded on Earth.
We are perpendicular lines
But it feels like we’re parallel
  Nov 2014 kRose
Pradip Chattopadhyay
plucks            all                 her

He                                         privacy

She                              moans
kRose Nov 2014
Brown eyed beauty
I can't quite explain
what you do to me.
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