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  Nov 2014 kRose
   woe my depressions, woe are the scary thoughts in my
dark. Alive are the witches, the goblins the eyes
of Satan. I sleep warily, tossing,
visions between reality and fantasy, never
Then and now I writhe
caught in thorn laden forests,
between trees that reach down shapes
of dark and clowns.
I sit directly within the growing
gloom and call them,
now to bring it on.
bring it on.
  Nov 2014 kRose
Daisy Fields
So alive.
So infinite.
So free.
She sees the beauty, the love, the chaos, the mystery of life.
She sees it clearly
& she reflects it in herself.
She is the beauty, the love, the chaos, the mystery of life.
She sees the earth for all its worth and she reflects that in herself.
She is a divine creator.
She ten folds everything she touches.
She was made from love.
She was made to love.
She is a vast & ever-changing sea of emotions, thoughts, & energies.
She has the universe inside of her.
She has the earth all ways to guide her.
She is golden.
She is light.
She is all.
She is I.
  Nov 2014 kRose
Daisy Fields
we are energy, life, form, art,
dancing in space.
waiting to be found,
to be seen,
to be heard,
to be felt,
to be loved.
waiting for ignition,
for the recognition,
between souls.
waiting for the spark
that births the flame of love.
that warms and glows
to soothe these aching bones,
for the dance of life
i move alone.
waiting for the sun
that calms my hearts storm,
for the angelic voice
that surrenders my minds war.
i'm drawn to thee,
waiting for that moment of freeing,
to cut these fear sewn ties
that blind my eyes from beauty.
you are the blood that courses true,
that flows in me
and leads to you.
waiting to bask in your glory light,
to be captivated by your sight.
oh what a timeless woe,
will we ever come to know,
to feel,
to move,
to show,
the lovers dance,
to be in lovers trance,
i pray that this is so.
  Nov 2014 kRose
Daisy Fields
i hope that you find the inspiration to truly live & love without restraint (if you haven't already).
i hope that you find what lights up your soul & i hope that you share that light with everyone that you meet, to then inspire them to look within too.
i hope that you re-connect with nature in all it's glory, with yourself in all your radiance, and with others in all their beauty.
every day the earth & all it's inhabitants become more & more beautiful & meaningful to me.
i hope that you love yourself, as much as i love you.
i hope you can see the infinite potential & beauty that you harbor.
i see your imperfections.. and that's what makes you perfect to me.
& just remember that you can never truly love other people or the earth until you have learned to love yourself.
people will treat you however you allow them to, and we accept the love we think we deserve.
true, meaningful, happiness & stimulation comes from enjoying what's natural & alive, & not whats manufactured and material.
i only wish the best for you , in everything you choose to do, i'm rooting for you.
  Nov 2014 kRose
May the bridges I burn
Remain that way
Dwelling on the past only brings you down
  Nov 2014 kRose
I'd like to apologize for all the words that I have said.

And for how badly they unraveled when you touched them.
Amara Pendergraft 2014
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