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Daisy Fields May 2016
Sometimes there is an overwhelming sadness
That I just can't shake
Slowly brewing into madness
Until there's no more I can take
Without having some part of me break
And I don't know where this sadness comes from ...
Perhaps it is made up of the remnants
Of all the lives I never got to live
Or all the love I never got to give..
Perhaps it is made up of all of my honest trys
For every time I took to the sky
Only to fall instead of fly..
Perhaps it is made up of all the unheard souls
Who are homeless, helpless, hungry & cold
Like floodgates built outta ignorant hate
That holds back oceans of tears
From the lives that nobody ever hears
Sometimes it's hard to tune out all the sorrow
I just hold onto hope & wait for tomorrow
Daisy Fields May 2016
I'm writing down the words
I'm too afraid to say
I need to get them my off my chest
I can't live another day
Pursuing you submissively
Romancing you with poetry
It's killing me, you're killing me
But this you won't be like the rest you see
I'm tired of always rushing it
It comes on fast & I run with it
But it doesn't last & i'm done with it
I've learned from my past
I'm not wasting this
But I still should tell you how I feel
I think we might have a chance at something real
My spirit feels ignited
I'm following your lead
Adventures could await us
If we both can take the leap
Daisy Fields May 2016
When I see you
I see stars gleam
When I hear you
I hear hearts beats
When I touch you
I feel deep desire
When I taste you
My lips catch fire
Daisy Fields May 2016
Celestial blossom of feminine beauty,
Make love to me like it's your god given duty.
Daisy Fields May 2016
Your voice makes me calm
Your hands hold me steady
Your love soothes my soul
And makes me feel ready
Daisy Fields May 2016
And his one & only home
Has always been the unknown
He is destined to roam
And he does so alone
He's a wanderlust
In nature he trusts
He knows of the dangers
But keep trying he must
He's directionless
His affection missed
But in the wild
Is where he finds bliss
Daisy Fields May 2016
Sometimes as I lay awake at night & I wonder to myself...
Will this life ever be enough for me.
I mean for a poet like me.
Who needs a constant flow of inspiration, experience, & beauty in life.
Who craves a life that is just so good it hurts.
Who brews constant whirlwinds of passion & romance to get wrapped up in.
I'm a chain feeler
I'm a chain lover
And I could show you a life & a love like no other.
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