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When I had noting  
I tried give everything to the wrong person
While you watched through the window braving the weather  
Now I have everything
And I'll keep the rain off  your back and the wolf from the door
We still struggle once more  
But we'll brave the weather
I'll remind you everything is temporary this time next year
When your mother doesn't wake no more
And your youthful looks have gone
The sweltering summer's heat
Consumed me the first time that  we got to meet
A year in the making
But still I choked
Has my arm's missed it's target once aimed
My lips met your teeth
And all day we couldn't eat
Praying for more time
At the end of a week
When I had to leave
I've called myself young and stupid
But that excuse is kinda ageing
The only clear reward for the starvation I had gifted
Was a body I'd grow to hate
Somehow more than I did before
There's more obstacles returning to your former self
Than there ever was leaving
I've been chasing summer
Ever since you came into my life
Because something bloomed in those record breaking hot nights
All those lollies consumed in a  
Sweltering room
But you could never cool down  
Because I'd never let go of your hand
You'll miss it soon
When the winter comes
Give me something from your nothing
It's worth more to me than gold
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