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The lighting from afar
Near sight of hope
Seeing an absurd vanity of believe
O thou Golden gate
Endearing truimph on fragmented victory

Loud low-pitches
Sending messages afloat miles
Upon glittering luster of waves
Telling the wind it's courage
Professing life on Sea

Corne de brume
Welcome aboard our feeryboat
Corne De Brume talks about the life on Sea. It's actually the French word for Foghorn.
We will charge harder
Yes sir!

We will strike when it is cold
Yes sir!

Let's go by night
Yes sir!

Prepare the feeryboats and other vessels
Yes sir!

Send them West at once
Yes sir!

Charge our men forward
Yes sir!

Eliminate thy enemies
Yes sir!

Crucify their men to the cross
Yes sir!

Their women
Bring spoils from the merry
Yes sir!

Your dignity of war
Yes sir!

What's with the yes sir?
Yes sir!

Incompetency tthou keep under thy bossom
Yes sir!

Are you sure you can lead,
Thy men to battle?
Yes sir!

What's with the yes sir?
Yes sir!

Yes sir!

Thou look less serious
Yes sir!

Go forth and disseminate thy rivals
Yes sir!

Go now!
Yes sir!

Yes sir!

What are thou waiting for?
Yes sir!

Written Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a comical poem of a soldier who says "Yes Sir" to everything he's being asked or told to do.
At the church of all saints
Singing glorious tunes
Hymns and harmonious voices
The father, an altar he stood in front
His passing
Life if an exited fellow
Can we say something?
Say to the saints
The tears of many
Words much but little
An ovation so small
Ashes to ashes
Keeping nothing in your remembrance
He once stood here
A man like God
He jouryned with the saints
Wait a minute
His family speaks
Tell them
He once stood here
Only to stand no more
Did he perish?
Wait a minute
Did he perish?
I said speak
He had no vision
The mantle perished long ago
Did he wait for the saints?
No, the morning after
I see a congregation
Mourning a death of old
Clap for her speech
He perished like a sunken treasure
Was he not a king?
Did he perish?
A glorious exit
He perished like a sunken treasure

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This peom tell the story of a man who died and a lot of him at his funeral didn't have a good thing to say about him. They didn't have any memorable thing to say about his existence on planet Earth.
Arrival at the train
A passage to the afterlife
Travelling to the unknown
Calling to a bright light

Last breathe
Breathing to stay no more
The final goodbye
One last Halo mother nature

Hitching a ride with the spirits
Calmness awaits my soul
Angels so pure
A welcoming to the heavenly

I hear their tears
No goodbyes to last memories
Sounds calling a comeback
Wake up, wake up, I hear them calling

Beautiful bright light
A tarry to peace
Journey, I waited for thou
A calm I accept

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem talks about the last hour of a person who's about to die.
Hanging at the cross

Prayers untold

Offerings to a master unknown

They call him the Messiah

Saviour of all

King of many

His stories had being foretold

Rolling down a passage for the heavenly

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem talks about the belief of some people in a supreme being.
The lies she tells
Ona whip lash of fairytales' cane
Pouring out miracles

Fortune teller of old
Seeing the way to canaanland
Lies she brings from the shrine

The leading of many
Perishing at thy hands
Calling to an orisha

Have you heard her words?
Following to her paths
Straight-narrowing to fantasy

Lights at the end
Unknown passage to relief
Upon hated of darkness

Look into the *** of life
Calling to an orisha
Answering from the other side
Upon hated of darkness

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
Blind Oracle talks about a certain people who believe in a particular prophet yet the prophet is deceiving them.
By his Majesty's foot stool
Tales never been told
A warrior's analogy
Imaging the blood of many

The battle of old
Modakeke it's passage
Crowning victory a renegade

Scars untold
Proportionate to the heartbeat of Ile-Ife
Setting Ooni's mantle
Bowing to Orunmila

Scavangers setting the pace
Awarding criminals the holy Cross
Anointing them for the book of life

Desertion of no return
They called it a treatise
Holding onto dissertation of old

Blood a signal of peace
Reminding hearts of tales unforgettable

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
There was a very long aged war between two places in Nigeria called Ile-Ife and Modakeke. This poem depicts the war that between these two places that went of for years claiming so many lives.
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