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The Alchemist Nov 2019
Someday, perhaps, I will get to tell you everything my heart feels for you.
  May 2019 The Alchemist
I loved it when our lips would touch
Sometimes it was too sweet for me to bear
And one time that delight seemed too much
So much that it seemed I was floating in the air
The Alchemist May 2019
I don't think they will ever fully understand how special you are.
In the darkest night, you stand out like the brightest star.
You are beauty described, joy defined:
You are sweet, cheerful, friendly, and kind.

I don't think they could ever see all the beauty that is found in your eyes.
They have this wondrous glow, even brighter than a perfect sunrise.
And they could never hear all the cheerfulness that is found in your laughter, know the true nature of your smile...
You, my dear, possess the beauty that makes hearts stop for a while.

I don't think they will ever know someone as lovely as you.
When you're around the sky is always splendidly blue
I believe you are the most wonderful person that they will ever meet
You are perfect: from your head, all the way down to your feet
The Alchemist Nov 2018
The green leaves have at this point turned brown
They say nature's smile is slowly turning into a frown
But I'm still here, waiting so earnestly for you...
Yes, I wait: for my heart knows not what else to do.

There is a sense of numbness that's forming inside of me
It feels like you're halfway across the world and you just as well might be
But neither time nor distance could ever make me forget the love that through you I found...
So I'll have to sit here and wait for the day when you'll finally come around.

It was always a sweet moment whenever I was with you,
Which is why right now it feels like my heart's been split in two.
You taught me of a love so tender, a love so true...
And so it is that still, my heart beats only for you.

You didn't just touch my heart my dear, you grasped my soul
Which is why I must admit that without you my heart couldn't ever be whole
And now as the sun sets, the skies darken with night....
It is in the hope of seeing you again that my lonely heart finds delight

                                         -The alchemist
The Alchemist Nov 2018
I sit here alone, gazing into the distance forlorn.
And my heart beats faintly: it is battered, bruised, and foreworn
Tenderly, I close my eyes and think of you: the subject of my dreams.
And as I do, I feel the ripples as my heart begins to tear at the seams.
So I close my eyes harder, to see the form of your spellbinding smile.
But as the wind rustles through the leaves it takes my mind off you for a while.
However, as always, my heart begins to yearn for you my dear: I wish that I could, even if for a moment, to hold on to your fair hand.
But my mind is quick to remind me that I did get to hold you, yet things didn't work out as I had planned.

At this point, my mind is now clouded with thoughts of only you.
I look up to the sky and perhaps there is hope for us, it is so impossibly blue!
But in a sudden twist of fate, the orange and yellow embers start streaming through, a touch of sunset on a distant hill
And here I Ied myself to believe that the gravity of my emotions could quite possibly make time itself stand still...

I loved it all my dear: the wishing, the longing, the yearning and the wait
The Alchemist Oct 2018
Do you believe in beauty, 'tis the crown of every rose
Or do you believe in words in the poetry that I compose?
I believe in love, for I can't seem to find the length or the breadth of it.
It grows and grows with each passing day just like your charm and

Do you believe in time, in all the years we've spent?
Or do you believe in trust, in knowing my true intent?
I believe in memories, in all the sweet moments I've shared with you.
And that when you look at me and smile it is because you recall them too.

Do you believe in me, in the love that I confess to have?
Or do you believe in 'us', in this shared emotion we call love
I believe in your laughter, your joy inspires me to write pieces such as this...
I believe in you; That you'll show me what true love really is.
The Alchemist Oct 2018
The sand may have shifted, the times changed
But I'm not fickle, my loyalties remain the same.
The memories may have faded, my words erased,
But since I met you there hasn't been a moment I wasn't in love with you      
It is you I think of in the day, your eyes I dream of in the night...
You are all!

                                        - The Alchemist
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