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 Dec 2020 Shrika
 Dec 2020 Shrika
There are no true monsters
only people,
people that made
killers and thieves,
by showing them their shortcomings
instead of their capacity to be good.
 Dec 2020 Shrika
 Dec 2020 Shrika
To that little childlike romantic,

I pray that you never lose hope.
I pray that you always see the good in people.
I pray that you keep on loving.

You always have been a gentle soul,
you never lost your softness and light
even as the world caved in.

To be honest,
I kind of envied you
I envied you for how deeply you can trust
I envied you for how you could still love
I envied you for the hope you brightly carry
even after what we have been through.

I’m so sorry for making you cry
with all my fears,
and heartbreaks.
I’m sorry for making you suffer
from the consequences of my actions
And the backlashes of my brokenness.
I appreciate you for staying by me,
even as our thoughts spiralled at 2 am,
even as the world gave up on us.  

As I reach out to you with these words,
I hope that we can find balance,
for you are the goodness and
I am wickedness,
for a brighter future for the both of us.

And lastly,
I want you to remember that you’re good enough, and that you matter.

The devil at the other side of the mirror
This is self care, i guess
 Dec 2020 Shrika
Faizel Farzee
I stand on a frozen lakes ledge, staring Into the cold eyes of darkness
It whispers it loves me, while clutching my bleeding heart
Daggers through my frailty, tearing our paradise apart
Our love use to harmonize
Promises you made, a masquerade of truths
Our fairytale, storybook lies.

Your honied kisses sweetened my dreams
In nightmares now your name I scream
In our world, you were made my queen
What stands before me in tears
A lying angel, a crying fiend.

You wont see me cry
I hide my tears in the downpour
You were suppose to be my savior
All you are is a lie

You the schism that split me
You caused this divide
Bitter tonight my lullaby
On my knees, I say good bye.
 Dec 2020 Shrika
Anmol Mago
A stormy river
Leans to embrace - rocks beneath
The lotus unscaped
Lotus represents wisdom in Buddhist iconography and the river our tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.

Om Ah Hung
 Dec 2020 Shrika
Emily Dickinson

If I should die,
And you should live—
And time should gurgle on—
And morn should beam—
And noon should burn—
As it has usual done—
If Birds should build as early
And Bees as bustling go—
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
’Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with Daisies lie—
That Commerce will continue—
And Trades as briskly fly—
It makes the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene—
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene!
 Dec 2020 Shrika
Emily Dickinson

Sometimes with the Heart
Seldom with the Soul
Scarcer once with the Might
Few—love at all.
 Dec 2020 Shrika
 Dec 2020 Shrika
man just live in your fantasy.
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