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16/F/im lost    for a while I use this site to escape reality, so why don't you escape with me. plus I add my own poems to collections ...
Gender Nonconforming/Happy Isles    poems are fantasies made to elude reality
never wanted love, just a fancy car
17/M/Philippines    I'm a student from the Philippines who likes poetry and makes one from time to time depending on what I see or feel.
F/Christchurch, New Zealand    An avid reader, sometime traveller, and urban photographer. Have spent most of my life writing essays. Maybe I can write something else? Overly fond of ...
South City Lady
F/Atlanta    I am a writer; it has taken me decades to admit that about myself. I use poetry to excavate meaning, to express love, to appreciate ...
Richard Graydon
18/M    Ngl, I really do pump out some bad poems lol.
Brenna Gracely
24/F    This is where I toss my two cents into the abyss of consciousness.
In the dark woods.    This is the blood I give so the moon will have something to shine on. All rights reserved.
25/F/in a body and mind.    /eh-nai-lee/ since the beginning ~ a never ending time
58/M/Traverse City Mi.    Description are but endeavours of one’s ego to shine forth a grand illusion!
108/M/India    "Pleasure from the senses seems like nectar at first , but it is bitter as poison in the end ."
Universe Poems
F/London    Carol Natasha Diviney values human life, nature, and natural living. Innovator in person centered health care, living, and knowing that the art of healing, comes ...
28/M/NYC    I am a man making his way from this life into the next. Writing poetry until eternity calls for my last breath. All work is ...
22/M/Durban, South Africa    An aspiring writer, poet and game designer. My dream is to create art that people can experience and enjoy. Currently my focus is on game ...
44/big beautiful wyoming    i've been fixed and i've been broken and i've broken what i've fixed
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