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Becky Clark Feb 16
On some days your head feels
too heavy a weight,
and loneliness lures you in with its bait.

The sadness possesses you with its bind,
offering a mountain,
that's too tall to climb.

Burdens are bared
and fortunes are read,
still life plunges on,
while the demons are fed.
Becky Clark Jan 29
As I sit on the porch,
Droplets hit my toes,
Like sprinkles of renewal from above,
The sound of rain frowned ever stronger,
The smell of beginnings pursuing my nose.

The sun sets behind the full-bellied clouds,
Stepping off stage for the star of the show,
The black opal sky takes its place overhead,
Embracing the stars,
ensuring their glow.
Becky Clark Jan 27
The flowers keep wilting,
For they know that you’ve gone.
They sing out their lonely, heartbroken song.

They long for your touch,
And care,
Breathing your water,
They thirst for your air.

They live out the days,
In their milky white vase,
Murky water subsiding,
Reflecting your face.

— The End —