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  Sep 2015 Supernova
We text
We text on our phones all the time
In fact, we have a group message
And we all just share useless words
It's all **** anyways, isn't it?
You know whatever you text
Isn't going to be listened to.
People will see it. People will read it.
But people won't listen to it
We're all selfish when texting
So when you rant about your problems
And people ask if you're okay
And you say yeah but I'm okay now
You're just ******* avoiding texting
A long paragraph on how things really are
Because, it's so long, and who would really read every word as if it were pouring out of your bleeding heart right?
You text your friends and that's the problem
Your friends say something funny
And you reply "****"
But they can't really hear your snorting laughter behind a screen
They can't see your smile, or your anger
Emotions are lost in translation,
And it's just like when you text about your feelings, they won't see the tears either, will they?
That's why I prefer face to face. You can SEE the happiness. You can SEE the pain. You can look into their eyes and SEE. We don't do that much anymore... I dont think
Supernova Sep 2015
How ****** up is it
That even when I lie with him
Holding his hands and playing with his fingers
All I can think about is you,
And how you would freak out whenever I played with your fingers
Because you were afraid of them 'breaking'
But I would laugh and do it anyways
And it always made you and I smile and we were happy
But all I can do now is yearn for you while I touch him
And it ******* hurts
  Sep 2015 Supernova
raine cooper
there is a tall boy living inside my chest
he is the fingerprints all over my memories
he's why i stand at the edge of this cliff,
and why the view burns my lungs
he is the reason i breathe
and the reason i can't
he is the answer to every question
and why i'm always asking more
he is the mist hovering over the ocean,
sometimes i can't see him
but i know he's always there
he is the reason i feel small
and why my hands can touch the sky
he is the tall boy living inside my chest
and even death will not take him away
Supernova Sep 2015
First I lost you
*Now I'm losing my ******* mind
Supernova Sep 2015
It's *******, this pain.
I thought I could move on
But I see you at school. At lunch.
You look at me and smile
And of course I smile back
A look of happiness on either of our faces is a shocking surprise.
I don't want you to know
That I'm still in so much pain.
That I still love you.
You shattered my heart
And the pieces got blown away by the wind.
I'm left in a raging tornado
But as long as I get to see that smile on your face
I don't mind.
  Sep 2015 Supernova
If you knew me
All of me
Inside and out
Would you love me more or less
If I let you see every thought
And turned it over to show its ***
Would you perhaps reel in horror
At the way the aching sacred
And the ******* profane
Live inside me like good and bad twins
  Sep 2015 Supernova
It's hard to e the girl who couldn't  do anything to ease your pain
To be incapable  of stopping the building turmoil inside you like a rain

It'snot easy to be the girl you wouldn't even dare give a simple glance
To be that girl from afar whom without asking-you wouldn't even give a chance

It's difficult to be that girl you wouldn't dare to bother
To be that simple and plain girl among millions of *other
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