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Who cares anyway Jul 2017
How do you go about
telling someone that your dinner
consisted of nothing more
than a handful of sleeping pills?
Who cares anyway Aug 2016
I used to tell myself that I could put you out of my brain without a second thought, to make room for things more “important”, as though you can be compared to last week’s AP history test answers.

Now, I can’t sleep without 10 mg of Melatonin coursing through my veins, following the same path that your touch once took. I wash dishes once, twice, three times, scrubbing harder and harder every time your name passes through my head. All it takes is to hear one syllable of your name; “Did you lock the car?”, “Pay the meter fee!”, and I am gripping the nearest surface with white knuckles.

When I sit in the library, I sometimes allow myself to watch your boney hands through a crack in the office. They are long and thin, with a slight purple tint. They wring with stress that you are now so used too, I bet you don’t even notice it anymore. They move swiftly, as though they have minds of their own. Sometimes, they will hover over an object, a slight uncertainty visible to those who take time to notice. Then they are back to the wringing. How do I know they are yours? Good god, how I wish I could forget.

-I couldn’t go any longer without writing about you
Who cares anyway May 2016
Off limits to the public;
slightly different.
More prominent parts
remain fenced off.
Rusted gate,
sanctuary within a sanctuary
It will strangle everything.
An immigrant,
a dump,
a wasteland with needles.
First attempt at found poetry.
Sourced from The New York Times article, "A Secret Section of Central Park Reopens"
Who cares anyway Mar 2016
Too fall in love and not be ready,
is the easiest way to **** someone
from the inside out
        All the poems I write
just the beginning
                              and end
               of every thought
   I've ever had about you.
Who cares anyway Mar 2015
Loving you
Was a lot like smoking
I knew it was bad for me
But I did it anyways
You're so bad for me. And I loved you.
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