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A nation that
Doesn't question
Or criticize its past
Will never have
A future.
A nation that
Buries its present
In its past
Is a dead nation.
The celestial forces drove us into each other's arms, but you used your earthly reasons to push me away.
You are the abundance of stars only visible to the dreamer in the wake of night

The sun and its companions as they glow to shine a light on the surface of your skin

You are the mischief that forms the toothy grin on the face of a child’s curiosity

The everlasting glow on their faces as they question the world around them

And I am lost in translation, confused, amused and somewhat enchanted

To you I am the clouds that hide away your blue skies

But to me I am the ones that shield you from the glare of a jealous sun

And to each other we are foreign, bordered and misunderstood

Lost in translation I’m waiting for you to understand ,
That to you; you’re nothing, but to me; you’re my dreamland
Every soul that God truly blesses
He also curses in the same breath.

       - Soren Kierkegaard
Fragile as a flower,
Delicate as a China plate.
A cupful of emotions,
Don't hurt or crush them,
Respect others feelings,
Tomorrow it can be you.
when my volcano erupts
you will ignite
ashes to ashes
cremated on sighted

when my glacier melts
you will drown
plunge to the depths of my ocean
36,000 feet down
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