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 May 2017 Sarah Elaine
 May 2017 Sarah Elaine
I'm several
steps back

I'm watching
from afar

I'm trying
to make sense

But I'm just grabbing
at raindrops
with open palms
People enter your life
For a reason,
A season,
Or a lifetime!

By Lady R.F (c) 1999 - 2017
A quote I wrote
many, many years ago!
I'm always forgetting
that what goes up must
Come down.
My soul is getting restless
Wishing to sail away
Far from mortal misery
the earthy fear and woes
but waiting here as human
with no way to call to home
Searching every corner hoping
that hiding somewhere deeply
It will find the a map, the gateway too,
a way across the sea of stars
to sail back to its celestial home
with you
the galaxy will be ours.
©LadyofRavenhill 3.13.17
 Mar 2017 Sarah Elaine
This is my feud...
This is my fight.
Many are my thoughts,
I hide from sight.

I show myself steady
but much remains unseen.
Ungreased are the cogs in my head.
Their teeth sharpened keen.

They eat and abrade.
Always turning, always grinding.
Results always made,
detrimental and unforgiving.

So think of me...
Not negligence maintained
and notions bought.
Think of my feud.
Let it be food for thought.
Lipstick kissed
On a paper cup
A trademark red shadow
Of the person left
Evidence of a moment
A mood, an event
Then discarded
Forgotten instantly
As was this morning's
Instant brew
©Ladyofravehill 3/13/17
 Mar 2017 Sarah Elaine
filled up with enmity coiling up inside
The chest billows up
Thy want to heave it out
Then destined to tranquility

The claws scratch the flesh
Death gnaws on the remnants of longevity
Unless visions have a chest
To burst out into effervescence

Spontaneous sigh is kicked out of your breath
The clavicles sharpen, the eyes ogle ahead
The nothingness dilates
The flicker has no entrance for itself to adumbrate

For utopia has its own gore
To marvel over inside,
The plasters of bliss
Have guffawed over the gullible dusk

The gloom has left with a whisper
A muttering not to be heard
The relief has sewed on flesh
With the clouds coming out of thy outburst

The relief rebirths the serenity
Has been meandered, halted
For thou shed leaves
Making agony to clouds of no return

Utopic defiance,
the idiosyncratic anectodes
Stains of externalized innundation
For the literal existance of hope.
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