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Sarah Elaine Mar 2017
Towering above realities,
A facade of sorts,
     of protection
     of security
     of isolation
     of preservation
Attempts to bring down, break through..
                    chisel away piece by piece.
                    claw, scratch, dig.
Only the true get in..
Only the real get in..
Only the true persevere... Only the real persevere.
Sarah Elaine Mar 2017
Sparkling, shimmering, shining..
Tortured, pleading, and full of sadness.
Each unique and full of beauty..

Quietly screaming,
Intensely studying,
Learning, yearning, burning.
Searching for a new depth.

     speak in silent glances.

Open and yet, unseen,
Unable to make that connection.
Disengaged and detached,


     encapsulate blind words.

The profundity of the mystery,
Lined with a silver band,
Bright and vibrant..

Forging, Pushing, Striving.
Constantly evolving.

     whisper secrets loudly.
Sarah Elaine May 2017
A dim flame flickers,
     as if it were dancing to a rhythm..
     as if it were alive,
     as if it was reflecting a life.
It fights with itself...
               extinguish, breathe,
     extinguish, breathe.
The light bounces off its surroundings,
Doing a tango with its shadow.
     Light, darkness.
     Good, evil.
     Strength, weakness.
It casts demons on the wall,
It casts illuminations on the wall.

A light breath,
     threatens its dance,
          while the tiny wick
               struggles to provide life.
A drop of oil,
     fuels the glimmer,
          while the air whirls by,
               jeopardizing its fate.

A dim flame flickers,
     bobs and weaves,
     jumps and jives,
     flashes and sparks.
A war between the elements,
               Fire, air...
     Air, fire.
Radiating beauty,
Providing a glimpse of hope and soul,
     Chaotic and raw,
     Wild and free,
     Magnificent and untamed.
Embrace the dark and honor the shine,
Love the twilight and be engulfed in the magic.
Sarah Elaine May 2017
Three by three frame,
     Intrigue, perception,
Metaphoric imagination.

A moonlit seaside,
waves crash upon the shore.
The tide,
The beauty of the ocean,
admired from above.

Focus, Refocus

A shadowy landscape,
tall trees canopy the scene.
The still of the woods,
felt from inside.

Focus, Refocus

A dark speckled sky,
wishes and hopes twinkle and shimmer.
The magic of a starlit night,
loved and feared.
Sarah Elaine Jun 2017
Hair tossled by the salty breeze,
Waves crash against the sand,
A light sea mist gently caresses.

My soul lets out a heavy yet contented sigh.
My heart beats rhythmically with the ocean.

Runaway thoughts,
Chase the unreachable.
Experience through a day dream,
Feelings surge, like the ocean waves.

The ebb and flow..
Deep set in my bones,
As if the sea is within me.

My soul let's out a heavy yet contented sigh.
My heart beats rhythmically with the ocean.

Time races on,
But I remain stationary,
Living, loving and being.
The ocean and me.. One and the same.
Sarah Elaine Mar 2017
Warm summer breeze,
               ­     n
                      illuminates the sky.
Cloud cover masks the stars
The space between the sky and the earth,
Dark...            Gloomy..­.
Nature's mood ring.

Leaves rustling,
          Crickets sing,
                     Insects hum,
                               A nearby bat chirps its warning,
      Mother Earth's symphony stops me in my tracks.
                   Chaotic and beautiful.
            Wind whips through the trees,
                              Like whispers and cries.
         s      E
I focus on her music.
Nature's distraction.
Sarah Elaine Feb 2017
Shackled to my thoughts,
Glimpse of light flickers..
Brightly fading...
Grasping at its final moments.

Shackled to my emotions,
Pushed aside.
Not gone, nor forgotten.

Shackled to the everyday,
Desperate to break free,
Run, dance, sing, fly..
Dodging obstacles.

Shackled to society's normal,
Fighting each step,
Rebelling until the end,
Outside the lines.

Today I stand up... I scream and shout from the rooftops...

Shackled no more,
I will not be prisoner to me.
I will fight for me.
Blood, sweat and tears for me.
Nobody left to do it but me.
My promise to me.
Sarah Elaine Mar 2019
Ever feel like the ceiling and floor are squeezing you in the in between space?
The past just wont let you rest...
The present seems empty with the missing pieces of the past.
Glimmers of happiness keep you on the edge...
Chains tugging,
Inner demons fighting,
Trying to resist and not succumb.
Sarah Elaine Jun 2019
Each so beautifully different,
Strong and seemingly unbreakable,
Yet overwhelmingly fragile.

Lay a foundation,
Jagged, unmatched and rough.
Does it fit?

Continue to build,
Each layer grows stronger,
More impenetrable.

A whirlwind topples a few stones.

New reinforcement.
Stronger, and with more determination.
Need to protect.

A wave of you crashes down and threatens stability.

Work harder, work faster.
Salvage the progress,
And continue to add.

Meanwhile -


attempts to chisel away.

Some make dents,
Some holes,
Some take down sections.

But the hard work perseveres.
And the wall remains.
Sarah Elaine Feb 2017
Wonderful madness,
Beauty amplified,
Magical chaos,
Determined randomness.

Momentum picks up.
Patterned, yet wild and free.
Gentle yet upstream.

Addicted to the kiss of the wind,
Mesmerized and carefree,
Swept away by fate.

Quiet passion.
Silent screams.
Longingly collides.
Sarah Elaine Apr 2017
Hues of green dance across the treetops,
Rolling hills meet dark shadows of the valley.
Beams of sunlight canopy the earth...
     radiating beauty,
     illustrating a serene landscape.
A mist blankets the cool air,
Fog pushes down as the trees fight to remain seen.

A figure appears on a bench,
     overlooking mother nature's art,
Still as a rock,
          statuesque and serene.
     Tranquil, quiet, somber.

A rhythmic pattern of breaths breaks the silence,
In, pause.
Out, pause.
In, pause,
Out, pause.
                    Steady, patterned, slow breaths...
          Synchronized with whispers of the unknown.
In, pause.
Out, pause.

The undisturbed calmness screeches to a halt!

The ground begins to crumble,
     Slowly at first...
     Quickly gaining momentum.
The bench and the earth become one as it begins its descent,
Mud and dirt,
Tree limbs and debris,
Brush and leaves,
               tumble down,
               melt together with the figure,
As the earth swallows it all,
     with one large gulp.

Mother nature claims another soul.
Sarah Elaine Feb 2017
Blanketed in darkness,
Mesmerized by natures nightlights
Finding solace in the shadows of the moon.
     Embracing her beauty,
     Comforted by her tranquility
     Envious of her courage

I feel the tug of the connection,
     P u l l i n g... P u l l i n g...
Silently grasping
Constantly at war
               with the rise of the sun.
               with the conflicting thoughts of flight

Lost in the moon's beauty,
Thoughts and feels engulf me
          Seeking answers
          Seeing peace
Whispers of worries quietly spoken
Solitude reveals truths

Do you look up at the same sky
                  and see the same moon?
She shines brightly to remind you,
      where the light can be,
Guidance, serenity, silent comfort.
Promoting freedom and peace
          Reborn each night.

Lover of the moon,
     Mysterious and bright,
            Holder of secrets and wishes
                   Under its light,
                            we love,
                            we dance,
                            we forget,
                            we remember,
                            we meet.
Sarah Elaine May 2019
Repeatedly crashing upon the shore
White crests succumb to the rhythm
Patterned by the moon, Guided by the stars
Struggling to gain control

A tight grasp
Begging to be released
Racing to the shoreline
Flooding the dunes, consuming the land

Relentlessly, effortlessly
Cadenced and fascinating
Never giving in
Never giving up

The chase is never-ending.

— The End —