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Mind over matter,  
Dreams over fear.
Risky is good,
When your wishes are near.
Interestingly enough

Pale skin women

Who go Brazilian

And love to suntan in the buff

Better not fall asleep

On their backs

Or they'll be called 'hot stuff'

For all the wrong reasons
I do not want
to want

so I severe all
the connections

between soul & desire

freeing the brain
to operate


time is a
straight line and

one thing is never
more meaningful

than the next

there is input
process and

that is all

there is
oh for it

to be so
I rise before you

early morning dew
crispy air

wrapped in a
sweater weather

porch swing
birds sing

I reveal my
daily secrets

in the tea leaves
and day dreams

and wait for you
to join me

like I have
every morning

since you left
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