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  Sep 2019 David Rusinko
The Red Woman
they put me in a box
and i put myself out of it
i am infinite shapes
in this infinite world
David Rusinko Sep 2019
I have acted courageously many times in my life, and I am capable of becoming a man of true courage

I have succeeded at many things in my life and I am capable of achieving great success in all areas that are important to me

I am an imperfect but good man.  I will continue to do my best to be a blessing to others.

Although I may not see the path now, I believe that I will find the way to overflowing happiness/peace/joy.
David Rusinko Apr 2019
I ate too much
Feel like crap
Why do we not do the simplest things to help ourselves
I know the answer to that question but I’m still ******
Ever wish you could just ***** up the crap you created in your own life
It doesn’t work like that
Have to get healthy one day at a time
David Rusinko Apr 2019
One down to earth
One in the clouds
A strange combination that works
David Rusinko Apr 2019
It feels really good to walk on fire

Doesn’t mean I am a god or have any superpower
Doesn’t mean I can do or accomplish anything I want

It does mean that in life I will face tasks that I really don’t want to do but that I must execute to get to where I need to go

It does mean that I know how to execute in spite of my fear

It does mean that I will execute through my fear

It feels really good to walk on fire
David Rusinko Mar 2019
Life was a blank canvas when we first met

Unconsciously we attempted to fill that canvas with what we had individually imagined

Now we are older and despite our history the future is yet again a blank canvas - it always is

Can we more intentionally work to create together?  Open to new pathways, working with all the materials available to us, and bringing our best creative energies to bear

Sure we have our share of pain, struggle and disappointment
But what masterpiece was ever birthed without those elements?
David Rusinko Mar 2019
They have reached the wrinkled days
Happy and content
Side by side

He kisses her on the cheek
She smiles with a smile that is both fresh and well worn

They are mature but beautifully so

While their hearts are young and getting younger

They know the good and the not so good
they focus on the former and find peace

They have reached the wrinkled days
Happy and content
Side by side
Love, old age, peace
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