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you're a rose
with many thorns
your heart torn & forlorn
awaits soft hands
to strip you of your ache
tend to your wounds
love you

I am glass
my love for you transparent
ill be your vase
your place of rest
hold you safe
in my fragile heart
just promise not to break me
your soul
a purple field
of dreams
dewy flowers
outpouring love
its covering
uprooting weariness
uplifting the spirit
black widow spider
love's end was slow and painful
and uninvited
insatiable desire
for more than just
bits and pieces,
i want all of you,
to savor your tenderest parts,
to devour your heart
and soul;
the world is quiet
but for the whisper of rain
the bray of my heart
rose petals falling
all around me lies the love
we once called home
cloudbursts of beauty
you nourish me with your love
blooming daffodils
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