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Jan 2017
becoming friends, falling in love,
seduction and heaven.................
all without a single spoken word.
the look in her eyes..
dusky, dreamy, soul gazing,
understanding, inviting.
a subtle nudge..a cryptic thought..
a picture shared..a quote quoted..
******* heave, without a warning..
breathless........ inexplicably.........
nostrils flared though,
are inadequate to satiate..
breathing now, openmouthed..
once, twice..
an audible sigh..
a long loud warm breath out.
panic ensues..
'did someone hear? did anyone see?'
and the restless..
look at all that God created..
and nothing at all..
a million thoughts invading the mind..
and all that.. all of them at the same time..
a hand on *****, 'calm the **** down..!!'
sweat on upper that condensation?
irrelevant..!! wiped signs of it remain.
a calming breath..a fake smile..
and love is extinct..
at least for now................
This is, i feel, what a woman experiences...
In a span of few minutes... when love carries her away.. her reactions, how she forgets where she is and sighs loudly. And then scolds herself, calms down.. And comes back to reality.. Knowing she'll go back to the other world again.. Because she wants to..
Written by
   ---, Stop, ---, Kate and Francie Lynch
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