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Ravenlimit Dec 2021
Sun on my skin

Envisioning him

Warm breeze flowing in my sleeve

Where have you been?

Down in dirt

Bury my knees


Let me be..

I miss your embrace

The way your touch brought bliss to my face

But you're hurting me

Let me be

Buried to my knees

Cold wet nights

Trembling hands

What I would give to feel your warmth again..

You come with a shovel and weeds

I tremble

Your misdeed

You bury me


How I miss your embrace

Tears flowing

Blood draining

My body is no longer aching

Cold hands

My heart is no longer breaking
Ravenlimit Dec 2021
Tangled mind

Kisses down my spine

Physical touch

Forbidden heart that I cannot reach

Your words..

Your actions..

Hurting me

My dear nemesis, I love you so

You spew your "love" towards me so you can gain control


I fall

Frozen as your hand hits the wall

I try to leave and you lower your guard

Just to leave me shattered as you become explosive


Tearing me down, never missing a beat

I will take my leave..

And in the end, you will taste defeat
Ravenlimit Dec 2021
You disgust me.

Wondering snake

Full of deceit.

I'll bound your hands and gut you out

Wretched, filthy, you stink.

You blinked

Cut your eyes open

You mustn't miss a beat.

Forced to watch as he hungrily stuffs me with meat

Warm and juicy he stretches me loosely

I moan
I cry

as I watch you die inside.

You weren't so displeased when the woman wasn't me?


Don't stop looking at me.. Baby

Watch this bull take me for a ride

Hot fluid building up inside

Positions you were too small to reach

Forbidden territory

My juicy fruit dripping down his cheek

Laughing as I watch you struggle to touch your ****.

Your fantasy is finally a reality.

If only you didn't disgust me

Then it wouldn't be the last thing your eyes would see.
Ravenlimit Nov 2021
The trembling has begun again

I'm covered in a mist of sweat


Pounding in my chest

Can't forget your stench

Vague whispers

Venomous breath

Tears dripping down my face


Sweet salt drips from another place

Warm fluids of ecstasy

Inside of me

Gone without a trace

I still shake

Everytime I still break

I can't even look at your face
Ravenlimit Nov 2021
1 in the chamber

Just 4 chambers to crack

The numbness amplifies the silence I'm about to give back

Hollow bones in an empty chest

Dying womb

Can't bring back the dead

Longing to join

Can't take the steps

So much closer to my last breath

Take me instead..
Ravenlimit Mar 2021
Observation and silence.

Our karmic vibrance.

Deceitful alliance.

Dimmed down trying.

Blades spewing from the mouths of phony commoners.

Heedless beings.

Reaching only for ceilings.

Heedless beings

You wonder why you're bleeding.

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss..

Resolve with fists

Loneliness with a kiss.

Observation and Silence

Slowly unwinding.
Ravenlimit Nov 2019
The slow killer that I can't escape.

It constantly waits

And waits


For me to make my final move.

Each time I get closer, yet, each time isn't as soon..

As I hoped for it to be

Depression is killing me slowly

I just want to be free

Free from this feeling

From this world

The ounce of hope I have in my seed

Couldn't survive without me..

I can't live within me..

Let me be

Please let me be

I know I'm dying slowly

Why me..
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