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Arundhathi Jan 19
I've never walked by the woods on a snowy evening,
Never have the snow covered paths ever held my footprint.
Oh how much i desire to see the snowflakes floating by,
And how i crave to taste one on my outstretched tongue.
I've never built a snowman or had a snowball fight,
I never knew the arrival of Christmas from the chill of the night.
Oh how i long to see a blade of grass enveloped in crisp frost,
That melts on the softest of touch to reveal the lush it veiled.

I wish to sit by the crackling fire at home,
In my warmest clothes,
Reading another account of a snowy night by another man of words,
Sipping a spoonful of hot soup,
My face all red and smooth.

I have but known these snowy days,
Through the eyes and ears of the masters of verses,
And would they cease to hail the mist and snow!
Oh how i wish to revel in the fun and frolic,
Beauty and wonders of the cold.
just a winter thought
Arundhathi Jan 18
Why does the Moon seem angry tonight?
All red she has gotten.
A moment ago she was pale and serene,
As the poets describe her to be.
But now she resembles Mars's twin,
Only crescent not quite round like him.
The sky is a blend of black and blue,
Not many stars in sight.
Is it why Selene is unhappy,
'Cause the stars were late and sloppy?
Or did she quarrel with the Sun at dusk,
'Bout solstices and equinox?
Or maybe she is annoyed at the clouds,
Who her pretty face did shroud.
Can it be that she is cold?
'Tis after all a December's night.
Or it might be that she is blushing,
Thinking of meeting her sleeping Valentine.
Oh no it can't that,
For she surely seems bitter.
Is it something I've done?
If only I knew what, I could make amends.
But I pray that ain't the cause.

— The End —