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Dawn Mar 2021
loving you is like loving sunset
in the end of the day
it happened

it's gradual
it's quiet
it's magical
it's fated

before slowly, leisurely wrap my world in darkness
  Aug 2020 Dawn
the stars will not light up tonight
they seem to fear the dark.
they realised the sky is just a trap
and people are too small to care about.

so this night i will live my life
because darkness is now in all of us
and i feel so beautiful and wild.

the world is violet, black and blue
so i do not care if you once pretended
to be a sane sad dreamer too.
dance your own dance and then fly.

now i can touch all my ilussions,
i decide whats poisonous for my mind
now the wind is playing with my hair
and the world that used to know me is far
far away.
get free!
  Aug 2020 Dawn
Sara Hila
In a dreadful night
where the moon was shining bright,
a mysterious maiden came running through.

Her face terrified,
for she was to become today a lovely bride,
but her love had just died.

Deep in a forest,
she was weeping in the dead of night,
under the soft moonlight.  

But when morning came,
she was already gone
and nothing was left of the girl,
except a beautiful willow tree in her name.
  Aug 2020 Dawn
Chantell Wild
are you real?
you are behind that screen
but no more real
than a virtual being.
Dawn Aug 2020
In the pitch black room
Filled with regrets
Unspoken doubts
Broken dreams
Rustic, forgotten love
Cry for salvation..

She is her own solace.

— The End —