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Omar Jan 2019
I write to you

pages of my lost years


between the absent present

and the distant past

I write to you

my thoughts burn out

in my mind

and the smoke comes out

from my ears and mouth

the cloud weeps over my head

and the flower blooms inside my heart

I write to you

my words turn into chaos

into fictional stories

turns into a trifling joke

without meaning

without taste

I write to you

like an adult

would do

but your love taught me

not to grow up

to remain a child

and just let it go

I write your name

this time on the wall

with a yellow chalk

and sit there

watching the drops of rain

dissolving your four letters name.
Omar Jan 2019
The moon got drunk

and missed the show

that starless saturday night

while I was freezing

on the park bench

circles of smoke

around my head

heaps of ashes

at my feet

writing a merry christmas

postcard to you
Omar Jan 2019
Your silence speaks words

          like no other words

    and breaks through my skin

   everytime you move your lips

         your silence my lady

                   is magic

  turns my red blood into green

and my tears into a diamond pearl

your silence is like a winged horse

  at night it takes me for a journey

              to the wonderland

                where you and I

dance naked beneath the starry sky

— The End —